Christmas Wishes of the Year

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged that much this month, I was super busy with shopping, and family stuff that I almost forgot about this place! Well here I am!

In case you’re wondering, I had a great Christmas this year. Things had their ups and downs. On the weekend before Christmas, a serious ice storm hit the area and we woke up on Sunday morning to find half of the branches on the trees broken off from the weight of the ice.
We were also without power for hours. Things are okay now however, the storm is over, we have power once again (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this if the power was still out!) but those two trees outside have lost a lot of branches, they may have to come down. I hope two new trees grow in their place if that happens.

On the bright side of things I gave gifts and received them as usual! The two best things I got this year are:


A Nintendo 3DS with two games. I’ve wanted one of these since I became hooked on it at that Halloween party. Pokemon X came first and then Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is actually quite addictive and fun. I enjoy running around catching bugs, fish, digging up fossils and selling it. Pokemon X I’m quite happy they’ve finally made the graphics even better (no more grid-style movement and sprites for people!) and they’ve finally enabled us to customize our Trainer. I feel more deep with my character if she looks more like me. My 3DS is red as you can see. My last two portable game systems were pink but only cause I was picky over colour back then. Not anymore. It’s ruby red like Groudon!
Gene’s autobiography. Been dying to read this for ages. Two of my KISS Army buddies all the way from Japan convinced me to get this book. They know I love Gene so they know I’ll enjoy reading this. I’ll bet you there’ll be a whole lot more to his life than just sex and money in here. This present actually came today. My mother found it while we were packing for our holiday trip to Whistler, she forgot to wrap it. At first I thought I wasn’t getting it this year since it wasn’t under the tree. Boy was I wrong! I’m going to start reading it at the airport tomorrow. 
Well we had a white Christmas this year. That’s something I wish for every year but it rarely happens. I guess we got lucky this time. I miss snow on Christmas day.
That’s it for now, I have some packing to do. This is my second year going to Whistler Blackcomb resort in British Columbia. I love skiing in the Rockies. I won’t be able to update anything on here while I’m gone for the week so I will see you all in the new year. ❤

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