Thoughts of 2014

Now that a new year is here, my mind is all on the major events of this year that I will either be participating in, not participating in but want to be a part of. This comes up for me naturally and I’m sure it does for loads of people once 2014 started so here are my thoughts of the year.

1. Retail Pharmacy College Program:

I’m in a new college program this year, and it’s actually new. (introduced in 2011 and soon it’ll start becoming available in colleges throughout Canada. It’s at a slightly lower level than pharmacy technician and the duration of the program is not as long, just 8 months. When I was in high school I had a co-op placement at a pharmacy and it was a lot of fun. I was able to do (well not everything) but what you do most of the time when working in a retail pharmacy or one in a hospital. As a child, I’ve always been interested in health care, the human body, biology, etc. I could be a doctor or nurse but that all depends on how smart I am. For now, I’m going to pursue this career. If it works out (and I’m hoping it does) then I could work to make a living in this environment. My goal in life is to land a successful career and maintain a balance between work and play. In other words: have the job I want to have and earn a good salary, and always make time for my hobbies (video games, internet browsing, writing, etc.) when I’m done work for the day, and also socialize as well.
2. KISS’s induction ceremony into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:
As everyone this year is looking forward to their favourite artist/band that has been inducted this year whether it be Nirvana, Hall & Oates, etc…..I am looking forward to hearing (or perhaps watching) how it does for KISS. News has been popping up ever since December 17th about this and it either has fans excited or outraged depending on the news. I am hoping there is a way to watch this livestream when the day of the ceremony comes. If that is not possible then I will read about it in the articles, or watch it somewhere else. It has already been confirmed that Ace and Peter will come. However things get even more complicated when Ace says he doesn’t want to share the stage with Tommy. In my opinion: talk about intolerant….remember Ace, you sold your persona to KISS. Chances are Tommy will be there but he may not even play, but what I’d like to see is all members of KISS who are still alive, get up and play together and put their differences aside (especially Gene and Ace). Fans are hoping for another reunion tour but I don’t think that’ll happen. Peter has had too much health issues with his drug addiction and he’s still a whiner. Ace on the other hand, he may be sober so he’ll be able to handle it physically, but not mentally since he is more the type of musician who likes to do his own thing, rather than follow the tight rules in KISS, therefore I think it’s irrelevant for another reunion tour. 
3. Megadeth goes on world tour?
Last year Megadeth did their 2013 Gigantour. (a tour created by Dave Mustaine where the band tours with a bunch of other bands) and then they did Super Collider U.S. tour. Now there may be possibilities of a Super Collider world tour. Tour dates of 2014 have already been posted on the website that go up to August. No dates in Canada yet but I keep hoping those will pop up soon. Seeing Megadeth live is on my bucket list and once they come back here I don’t want to miss it. Whether I’m still finishing off this year’s college program or working by the time they come here I hope I can arrange to take the time to go down and see them. If I were to ever want to see all of the Big Four at once or one at a time (fan of any of them or not) I want to start at Megadeth since they are my favourite. Imagine, seeing Dave, Junior, Chris, and Shawn rocking the hell out of the stage. I think I’ll start to scream when Dave flips that beautiful hair of his! (he’s still fucking hot by the way!) Fingers crossed that there will be dates in my country later on.
4. Canada’s Wonderland’s newest ride:
Last year in the spring (or maybe it was the summer I don’t remember) I woke up early to catch BT on City News because they were going to be the first news network to tell us about Canada’s Wonderland’s newest ride. I caught it and this is what it it is: Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. The only ride in Wonderland right now that involves the mountain is Thunder Run, and now this is going to be their latest. I heard it’s interactive (like Boo Blasters, that I enjoy doing with my friends) and it’s like fighting dragons. I look forward to hearing more, and I am hoping to find the time this summer to ride it. I love dragons…..but you knew that already.
5. Lordi’s latest album:
Just as 2013 was coming to an end, Lordi shared a video of their message to all their fans (this better include us overseas desperate as hell to see them live) they mentioned that they will begin writing material for a new album sometime in 2014. Right now, all we know is that the initials of the album’s name is SFO. That could stand for anything, let’s just wait and see what it means. Also Lordi was supposed to release action figures in October but the event was delayed and has been moved to this year. I hope that light is still green, cause my room could use a nice action figure of Mr. Lordi to go beside my KISS Hello Kitty Demon figure which was also a Christmas present. My fingers are crossed. Still counting on a NA tour from Lordi (not excluding Canada this time) but I have no idea how long I will have to wait until I finally decide, “screw it, I’m going to save my money and come to Europe.”
6. Transformers: Age of Extinction:
The wait is finally over and the next movie in the Transformers series will be released this year. I am looking forward to this and as soon as it hits theaters I will be there as soon as I can. I hope this movie is worth it, seeing Optimus Prime’s new look should be exciting. I hope the new characters do not hog the spotlight too much. As much as it pains me to say this, after this movie Bay should give the franchise to someone else. Someone who makes the movies even better, and by that I mean more robot scenes, less robots killed off quickly, female protagonists that are more than just the pretty face/love interest and know how to defend themselves, and I wish they would bring back some characters like Ironhide. Anyway, this will be exciting and I’m sure I will enjoy this movie. I will always love Transformers even if the movies do not have what I expect out of them.
Not many thoughts of this year yet, but I think more will come as this year processes. 

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