KISS & Make Up Review: Gene Simmons Reveals the Truth about KISS

I finished reading Gene’s autobiography in mid-January after settling into my college workload. I was going to write a review about it, but it was delayed because I’ve been really busy with school lately. I have some down time right now, a perfect time to write this so here you go.

Of all the autobiographies I’ve read, I have to say that this one and Dave Mustaine’s were the most enjoyable to read. Most KISS fans probably didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did because Gene stating whatever truth was let out, has pissed them off. I on the other hand, as a big fan of Gene I admire him for telling the truth, even if the truth is disturbing or hard to accept. He had a lot of say about what it was like living in Israel with his mother, after his father left the family. There are some interesting facts he reveals about his childhood that I never thought he would actually want to share with us who were interested in reading this. I gotta say, his childhood photos are adorable! I hope if Gene reads this review, he won’t mind that I’m saying this! 
Now as your expecting, he was eventually going to mentioned all those girls he has seduced and slept with, no surprise there. He even mentions how many of those girls there were that he had sex with, at the beginning of the book. I think, most people don’t like that fact about him, well everyone had an addiction at one point. For Ace it was alcohol, for Peter it was drugs, and for Gene it was sex. Paul? I have no idea if he had any addiction of any kind but I’m sure whatever he wishes to reveal about his personal life will be revealed in his autobiography coming out in April.
Anyway, as I continued to read this book as KISS was formed and had its ups and downs; Gene revealed a lot about how Ace and Peter were difficult to work with. Ace fans are going to hate me after saying this, but this is my blog so they’ll just have to not come on here anymore to read my posts or bite the bullet: Ace, never seemed to show up. Why I even found out from Gene that Ace barely played on some of the band’s greatest albums like Destroyer, that came up as a disappointment to me despite the fact that I still love that album out of all the 70’s albums by KISS. I think that if Peter wasn’t addicted to drugs he wouldn’t be giving that whining attitude while in KISS, like the time he wanted to play a long drum solo on the Hotter than Hell album and threatened to leave the band if Gene and Paul didn’t let him. This of course was revealed by Gene obviously. I also loved how he told how things were with Wicked Lester before KISS, what it was like making Destroyer, meeting Shannon Tweed, having kids, and so many other events in his life whether it was related to KISS, or something else. Of course, I had no idea he designed comics, there’s proof there was definitely more to his life back then besides sex and money. Therefore that is more proof that he cares about more things than just sex and money.
I really enjoyed reading the story of his life. For any casual KISS fan who isn’t so serious about who’s in the band and who isn’t, is more likely to enjoy reading this book, as have I. If Gene’s got too many haters just because he told the truth, than lie to his fans, then perhaps those things are just meant to happen. If I was Gene, I would have done the same thing. I would rather be truthful to the fans than lie to them when they ask me questions, or I’m ready to write a book about myself. Not many KISS fans read this book and were smiling when they finished reading it. Your loss, because I loved this book and I am so happy I desired to read it before I had it! 
Gene, these last words I write in this entry are for you. I just wanted to say, I’m glad you told the truth. I would rather hear the truth from my favourite member of KISS than hear a lie from another member who thinks they know how it all started, and how it went as KISS rose to super-stardom. I admire your honesty and I’m just like you in that way. I would rather be hated for telling the truth, than be loved by telling a lie, because the truth leaves you with no regrets.

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