Hollywood is Blind: Thor chose the Wrong Woman

You know how I feel about Thor and Jane’s relationship. I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t like it, even though the truth is that I’m not. Well, last night I stumbled upon an article about Thor’s love life in the movies, and after reading it I found myself to agree with just about everything the author has written, and now here’s what I have to say:

Again, here I go with the expectations I have with female characters in movies no matter how big their roles are. Yeah, that’s right. 
So what was this article about that I found, you ask? Well, it was about how Thor may be after the wrong woman. I totally agree, not just because of what I expect out of a female protagonist but also how well-developed the character is. For instance, Jane does whatever it takes to get her research back from S.H.I.E.L.D and helps Thor try to get his powers back (sort of…..okay maybe not). In the TTD she does absolutely nothing except watch from the sidelines and monitor what Malekith’s evil plan is. That’s it. I was fine with her until she kissed Thor in the first movie. Then she goes into that typical damsel in distress role, with or without the Aether in her body. 
So why do I think Thor belongs with Sif, and I won’t have a problem with her dating him despite my crush on Thor? Because, even though Sif does not have a really big role, she has more character development than Jane. Through it all, Sif was loyal to Thor; she would follow him everywhere, in battle and even at the after-parties. I think she starts dropping “I like you” or “let’s go back to my chamber” hints towards him especially in the second movie. 
Sif is a fighter also which is also why I like her more, she kicks more ass in the second movie than in the first.
Thor, you poor Norse God, you don’t realize who you’re really meant to be with, you need a girl who is not only beautiful but capable of protecting you and you don’t always have to save her. That’s all I can say.

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