The Difficulty in Jealousy

I’ll admit, there have been a lot of things in life that I wish I could do and I want to do more than anything. Over the past few years a lot of those things have been popping up that have left me feeling envious, but the biggest one is the following:

Meeting someone famous/front row at a concert.

Yes, this is the biggest thing that leaves me with jealousy and sometimes even tears whenever I learn of one more person who has done one or both of these things. Right now it seems that millions of people have done this while I on the other hand as a Metalhead for three years now, have not.

Lots of people share via social media, how they managed to make the front row to a concert of a band they wanted to see, caught picks or drumsticks, touched the hand of the lead singer (this is probably more common with Ghost), and/or met the band and got things signed. Most would say that it’s luck that makes these things happen, but the more people I see who have done this, it sounds like they’re luckier than me and I’ll never be as lucky.

The only things I have succeeded in doing which I was lucky to achieve are:

1. Getting to go backstage during the intermission of the Nutcracker ballet to meet one of the dancers who played a snowflake and flower. (I met her through a friend of my mom’s who went to the ballet with me)

2. Going on vacations in various parts of the world like Cayo Coco (Cuba), Punta Canna (Dominican Republic, Whister Village (British Columbia) and soon I’ll be adding another beach vacation to the list which is Cozumel in April this year.

3. Being able to see KISS live in concert at least once.

That’s all I can think of, there’s probably more but I think I may have forgotten them. Now, I’m not saying that these things I have been lucky to do, are things I am unhappy with doing or not proud of (especially the first two) because it was a pleasure to meet that girl who danced in the Nutcracker ballet, and that was back during the time I took ballet class myself and loved that form of dancing, and it was also great going to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Whistler (twice) because I enjoy going to these sorts of places with my family. So the truth is that I am very happy and proud that I got a chance to do those things.

But the main reason why doing something like being in the front row of a concert and meeting the band means a lot to me because I feel that as a Metalhead it is a must do and it makes the experience of seeing whatever band you’re going to see even more memorable. It’s almost as if it’s a rite of passage in a way.

When my jealousy gets to me in these kinds of situations I often say things that most people already know (eg. The most important thing to do is enjoy the show, it doesn’t matter if you’re not the front row, didn’t catch anything, didn’t touch one of the members, and didn’t meet them. The most important thing to do is have fun. Another thing I may do, (this one has become less frequent) is shed a few tears over it, (when I’m alone, of course). This has become less frequent, now, but what mostly helps is talking about it. Many out there tell me that I shouldn’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t happen right away because it happened to loads of people before them.

Now I have learned something from this and try not to lose hope when someone else’s dream, which is also mine, comes true before me because the main thing to do is to enjoy yourself. These things that I desire can happen when you least expect them, so don’t think about them is what they said, and if something comes up in the middle of that could make it happen, don’t waste the opportunity. That is something I hope to use now and in the future.


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