News and Time Off

Happy Hump-day! It’s my reading week in college right now, and I’m making the most of it by catching up on some assignments and making notes for the next midterm. The challenging thing about being in a pharmacy program is the amount of assignments and load you have to do every week, but if you know what you’re doing and manage to get it done right you should be fine. Also there’s the online work which I often get started on right away the moment it’s been posted.

Sometimes I wish I could have another reading week just to get ahead even more or have another one just before final exams so I have more time to study.

So here’s the news I’d like to share with you while I enjoy my reading week:

Soon I will be a proud owner of this Grucifix necklace, a must have for every child of Ghost out there. I ordered it last weekend, and I am hoping it comes in the mail before the Ghost gig cause I would love to wear it to the event! It’s not as large as the ones the Nameless Ghouls wear but I’m a small person and I think a smaller necklace would look better on me. Some Ghost fans have versions of this necklace that are identical to the ones the ghouls wear, lucky duckies. I actually wanted to wait till my 21st birthday to buy this beauty but impatience gets to me. It’ll look so cute on me when it arrives!
KISS has officially now refused to play at the HOF when they are inducted. Why? Too many demands. To make a long story short, the HOF only wanted the original members, Gene and Paul wanted everyone to play on stage, Ace and Peter didn’t want to share the stage with Eric and Tommy with makeup, therefore KISS refuses to play. My reaction to this? Unlike most haters, I have no issues with this decision. It should be about celebrating the achievement. If there are too many demands and you don’t want to follow them, then don’t do it at all. Simple as that. I’m hoping I can go to see them again on the 40th anniversary tour instead.
That’s the main news I have to share this week, hard to say if the KISS one is considered good or bad at first but after understanding a lot more, I consider it not bad and not good. Aside from that I hope my Grucifix doesn’t take weeks to arrive. When I order on ebay, things always take weeks to come from there. I ordered Lordi’s Scarchives Vol. 1 on a different website and it took only a week to come in, we’ll see how long this one takes!

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