Optimus Prime’s New Look: A Change of Heart and the New Trailer

I thought I’d never say this but I think Optimus Prime’s new look may not be so bad after all.

Two of my friends from high school who have known me for years and my place as a Prime-Lover posted this on my Facebook and when I finished working for the day I saw it and thought it was gorgeous. I know it’s almost nothing compared to his previous look but there are still some parts of it that remain.

I am so happy that he still has a face (mouth, nose, and all) many fans don’t like that for some reason (especially the G1 fans) but I do. It’s nice to see Optimus have a beautiful face underneath the mask that everyone likes to see. When Optimus has a face it shows he is capable of looking attractive. (yes I’m speaking Prime-Lover language here) So I think I could learn to like his new look, but I think I will still love his older look more than this one. The flames should stay for the rest of the time his appearance is updated, that is another attractive feature, also his eyes and hands which are another thing I notice on him are still looking good! His voice, whenever he speaks, you know what happens to me next.
https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/ubGpDoyJvmI&source=udsAlso the trailer is out! After watching it I thought, well maybe this won’t be so bad. The action is good, and it’s nice to see some good old robot scenes that I love. However, the only down side I can say is that there wasn’t enough of that. I found that once again the humans are hogging the spotlight, something I truly despise when it comes to Transformers. As for the new chick Tessa Yeager, she’s not much of a pretty face so maybe I won’t mind her unless she turns in to one of those sexy desirable ones just like the rest, that I am not hoping for. One thing I found disappointing is that none of the Autobots and Decepticons spoke in the trailer and Optimus only yelled at one point before attacking a dinobot. Normally, Optimus has something to say in these trailers, he has at least a short line to be heard but then again, it’s a just a trailer and I’m sure he’ll have plenty to say. I hope it’s not like he’s gone silent after the relationship with the humans may have possibly have been shattered. 
Now here are my final thoughts. This could be a step in the right direction or not. Mainly I’m looking forward to seeing Autobots and Decepticons brawl again and I wish there would be more scenes of that instead of the human military and also more dialogues between Autobots and Decepticons. It’s like, the movie could be so much better if it wasn’t on Earth almost, how about Cybertron? There should be a movie about the War for Cybertron, based on the books or video games now that I would love to see. This’ll be Bay’s last film with the franchise so this better not be the last in the franchise. He should pass it on to someone else, that someone should put the robots first: They are supposed to be the stars. I am hoping that this movie still be worth it when I see it. I do not want to walk out of the theater in tears like last time.

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