Double Idol Dreams

Have you ever had one of those dreams where two of your idols appear in it? I now have, and whenever I have a good dream I love to write about it to remember it.

The dream started off with Optimus Prime. (surprise, surprise because he almost never appears in my dreams anymore) I was sitting on his shoulder and he had his jetpack from the third movie.
The most romantic part of this part of the dream that he was in was that when we were high in the sky. Not only was I sitting on his shoulder but he was using one of his hands to support me so I wouldn’t fall! That is so sweet and romantic! I remember we flew through the sky, cities and even forests. I could hear him whispering something to me. I wish I could remember what it was.

Now the second part of the dream started off after I was flying around with him. He flew towards a house that looked just like Gene’s house in Beverly Hills (actually it was Gene’s house) then I landed in front of it and Optimus was gone. I saw a bunch of kids hiding outside of the house in the bushes and hedges, I’m guessing they didn’t want Gene to see them if he really was in there so I took cover with them.

Turns out that Gene did emerge from the front door and he saw me right away. I tried to right away but he ordered me and the others hiding to come in immediately. I was in his house and soon no one was there. Not even him. I’m guessing he went back to his office chock-full of KISS merch. and me and the others were trying to snoop around. (even though I would never do that in real life if I was invited to Gene’s place)

I wish I could remember more of this dream but it’s an extremely rare occurrence to have two I idolize appear in the same dream.


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