Frozen: A Musical Icy Masterpiece

I really should watch Disney movies more often. So I decided to see the movie that everyone was talking about: Frozen.

I gotta say, I loved this movie. Many of my friends where talking about how much they loved it, and now I joined them. I found the movie to be very well animated, the plot well done, and the music is the best. Now I’ll share my thoughts with you:

The music in this movie was beautiful, yes I’ve already said that but it’s the best way I can think of starting this. Elsa and Anna are two sisters and Elsa’s got ice powers. It’s really sad how she became nearly afraid of her power after hurting Anna with it and the kingdom gates were shut for years, that is until the day of Elsa’s coronation. It seems that Elsa and Anna have completely different personalities. While Anna is social, and open. Elsa is the complete opposite. There were also quite a lot of funny parts in this movie, like the time when Kristoff and Sven share a carrot, Olaf dreams of summer and Kristoff desperately wants to tell him what happens in summer to him. “I’m gonna tell him.”
I can definitely relate to Elsa a lot in this movie.
She isolates herself out of fear of hurting those who she cares about. Sometimes I feel that I would want to do the same thing if it were me. Her sister seems to have a slightly bigger role than her but she is still the one who saves everyone in the end. Instead of playing the typical role of a Disney Princess, she becomes Queen instead. Her sister Anna who is still a princess seems to go down the road of a typical Disney Princess when she meets Hans until she has to go after Elsa when she runs away. Hans I didn’t really like him when I first saw him, I thought Kristoff was better, and much better looking too no less. Elsa doesn’t need a man to complete her and that is one thing that has been praised about this movie. Every Disney movie seems to portray love, but it’s not very often that the true love is love between two sisters instead of the typical true love between a prince and a princess. In the end Elsa rules the kingdom on her own, no husband needed. A Queen doesn’t need that in order to rule a kingdom don’t you think?
My favourite song in this movie….well it’s no surprise to most of you who have already seen it: Let it Go. As soon as Elsa began to sing it, the melody was beautiful and so was her voice. It put tears in my eyes and if that happens during a song I’m listening to, it means I love it.
This movie was definitely worth the watch, and I’m happy I decided to check it out after all the praise it got from the fans and critics. 
Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman. Yes I want to build a snowman!

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