Welcome Year Zero: I have Ghost, so I have Everything

I had the most wonderful night seeing Ghost. It was totally worth the wait. I barely got any sleep last night when I got home because I was still thinking about it! Now here’s the story.

As soon as I got home from class that day I immediately started getting ready. Then blasted a Ghost marathon just like with KISS.

When my friends and I arrived at the venue we were standing in the cold for at least an hour. I wish it was warmer that day so I didn’t have to wear my jacket and tie it around my waist during the show. The cold weather sucks! It should have been warmer like last weekend! We were conversing with other Ghost fans about metal and stuff, I even came across a fan who had come mainly for the opening act King Dude. I love going to concerts in Toronto because when I do I’m surrounded by people I can relate to for one night.
As soon as we were let inside the venue I immediately made my way to the merchandise stand and bought myself a tour shirt I liked best. You obviously have to get it before it’s no longer available in your size! The whole time I was shaking inside just waiting to get to a good spot and I did. My friends and I landed in the third row from the stage which is pretty close! Let me just make some clarification here: The front row doesn’t have to be considered the very first row from the stage. If you’re in the third or second row and you’ve got a pretty damn good view, as in you can see pretty well even if a few people’s heads are in your way. If you have too many heads in your way then that wouldn’t be the front row? Savvy?
King Dude the opening act didn’t have anyone jumping up and down and moshing, but it appears I liked them and so did the rest of the crowd. As usual I did not recognize any of their songs but then again that’s what happens with opening acts for me all the time! Some of their songs made me want to headbang but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to lose my tiara. One of the guys in King Dude I thought was so tall like maybe 7 feet I think. But then again I could be wrong, I don’t know my imperial measurements by heart, over all I thought King Dude was a great opening act.
When the place was being set up for Ghost I began to hear that church music going on and it started to get hotter in the room, due to the smoke being released in to the room. I became impatient and began to wonder how long it would take for them to be set up. I wanted to scream when I saw some of the roadies test Alpha’s guitar and then Omega’s. So easy to recognize once you see them. I was trying to stay calm inside but I felt the urge to start screaming as soon as something happens. I think not everyone liked the fact that I scream at concerts, well too bad. Can’t handle it? Buy some earplugs.
Suddenly the stage went dark for a moment and the lights turned red, I gasped and as soon as I saw the Nameless ghouls appear on the stage I started screaming and began singing the words to Infestissumam which started it. Then after that Per Aspera Ad Inferi began and right when I saw Papa walk onstage I was screaming so loud and shouted out that I loved him.
Now before I go in to any details here is the setlist from my memory:
1. Infestissumam
2. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
3. Ritual
4. Prime Mover
5. Jigolo Har Megiddo
6. Con Clavi Con Dio
7. Elizabeth
8. Body and Blood
9. Death Knell
10. Here Comes the Sun
11. Stand by Him
12. Depth of Satan’s Eyes
13. Genesis
14. Year Zero
15. If you Have Ghosts
16. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
17. Monstrance Clock
That was pretty much what I was hoping for them to play. I didn’t think they were going to play Body and Blood but they did and that one is one of my favourites. Shame they didn’t play Secular Haze because I knew that one by heart and was ready to sing it. I pretty much sang all the songs on the setlist even if I didn’t know all the words! I guess my practicing paid off, I was able to sing along with Papa perfectly!
I think I’ll start by sharing a few of my best photos before I go in to the best moments of the concert.
Here’s the dear little bass ghoul taken during Infestissumam. By the time Ghost started to appear on the stage that’s when I was beginning to squeeze my way closer to the stage.
Papa and Omega. I must admit it was not easy scoring a shot with Omega in it since he was on the other side from me. I was in between Papa and the bass ghoul. Alpha was on the end closer to me.
My best shot of Papa. I was definitely pushing my way in to the second row by then. Not too many obstacles in the way here!
There was almost nothing in my way of this shot. Nice to see we’ve got the bass ghoul and Alpha behind Papa there.
Those are a few of my shots. I have plenty more on my Facebook account. Now I think it’s time I go in to the best moments of the show.
There were times during the show where I felt like I was being noticed by the band and in a way that doesn’t involve catching a guitar pick or setlist. In my opinion, you don’t need to catch those things or touch the band members for them to notice you. Sometimes just a look is good enough to make you smile. I would have loved to touch Papa and/or get a rose from him but sadly I didn’t. However, I was still happy, and even better at some points I was touched inside and felt like my heart was beating fast of true happiness and feelings of love.
Why is that? Well after I sang along to Ritual I was slowly beginning my attempt to get closer to the stage. At this point I worked my way around the tall guy to my right in front of me and shouted out to Papa that I loved him. Then suddenly he looked at me right after I said that and I noticed that he nodded and did one of his gestures as if doing a small point at me and I wanted to melt inside. He looked at me! I never thought he would! I guess I screamed loud enough for him to hear me and he must have saw my tiara too.
I managed to squeeze myself in to the second row from the stage between two people in front of me. I had to lean forward to prevent the guy’s arm from behind me getting in the way of any other photos I took which took a bit. But by the time I was in the second row I was a little squished by the time Here Comes the Sun started to play.
But the very best moment of the ritual was just before the band started to play Stand by Him. I shouted out to him again. He looked towards me and at that very moment I blew a kiss at him. Then to my surprise right when I did that, his left hand which was open at that time he rose it up and closed it. I immediately began fangirling because that could only mean one thing if he did that while looking at me: He caught the kiss I gave him and I fangirled so hard.
I get the feeling that some people were screaming the songs during the show while I on the other hand was just singing like I normally do, but hey I think that still grabbed Papa’s attention. There were a few times when I made a heart with my hands towards him at the end of a song or when he was speaking. I think he noticed that too.
By the time they got to Monstrance Clock I almost laughed when he spoke about telling us to sing with him the chorus. From what I’ve heard they do that at every show. I sang to my heart’s content with that song even after the band walked off stage.
So now you’re wondering did I meet them? Unfortunately no, I did not. I was so sweaty from the incense that was released in to the room that I needed water right away and my legs were killing me. I guess my body didn’t want me to wait outside for at least an hour. I ended up going home, but I had a wonderful time. My very first ritual was worth the wait and hopefully it will not be my last.
Thank you so much Ghost for giving me another special night in my life to remember, and a very special thank you to Papa for accepting my kiss to you. It means to much to me in my heart for you to keep it and for you to notice me. Thank you with all my heart.
Ghost was great live with incredible sound. I am glad I got to see them with Papa II before they bring in Papa III. Come back soon Ghost, and hopefully next time I see you, you’ll bring in Papa III!

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