My 21st Birthday and Random Thoughts

Yes you guessed it. Today’s my birthday! I’m 21 now, a milestone indeed.

Went out to dinner with my family tonight, had some chocolate cake now I’m in my room in my nightgown lying down.

Two KISS fans I know on Twitter were persuading Gene to send me birthday wishes (by tagging me and him in the tweets) but he was too “busy” retweeting other fans (he was online when they were sending them!. I did get birthday wishes from Lordi’s lead guitarist Amen. This is the second year in a row he has sent his wishes to me only this time it was more special. I would have DIED if Gene sent me birthday wishes even if it was just a simple “happy birthday” in caps lock (he replies with that nowadays for some reason) but I’m not mad at him for not responding. Life goes on, but it still would have meant the world to me if he did that, you know how much I love him.
Speaking of KISS I was planning to write about their induction ceremony but it has been delayed due to final exams from last semester, the ritual with Ghost, vacation, other random things I’ve wanted to write, and the start of the summer semester so I should probably plan on writing it soon before the workload of this semester starts to kick in more!

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