An Honour Serving, 40 Years of Nonstop Rock & Roll

I’ve had this entry on hold for at least a month now, I was originally going to publish it in April but with so many other demands and other things to write popped up, I’m sorry if this one is really late.

On April 10th, KISS was officially inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Honestly, I’m happy and at the same time I wish something else happened as well to make it better. As I predicted; now that KISS was to be inducted the HOF think they can still boss the band around by telling them only the original lineup can accept the award. There are other bands that have been previously inducted that did not have just their original lineup included. I was quite amazed to learn that all four of the members were able to get up on stage, accept the awards, and give out speeches without any conflict. That’s all I ever wanted. If there was no performance I can survive without that….unlike most fans.
Even though the band has finally inducted the war just never ends. Ace recently is still ranting about how he can blow Tommy Thayer off the stage and how Gene and Paul “lost” fans from their decision not to play. They didn’t lose me as a fan. I’m staying until the very end, I will die a KISS fan. Tommy blows YOU off the stage Ace, you got that wrong. Sorry. You’re not playing in front of thousands of fans. I must add that Ace has talent but that was a bad move saying words like that. This only creates more feuds. Sometimes he starts it and sometimes Gene starts it. It doesn’t matter who but if only there could just be more peace and less fights and then there would be peace in the KISS Army too. 
I have officially been serving in the KISS Army for a year. Yes it hasn’t been a very long time but how long I have been here does not matter. It shouldn’t have to matter for anyone whether you’ve been a fan for 30+ years or you have been a fan for 2 years. My love for KISS is much more important than how much shit I own and how long I’ve been here, I will die a KISS fan.
KISS’s 40th anniversary tour is set to start on June 23rd. 
I still can’t believe that I get to be a part of it this year. I always thought that I wouldn’t get a second chance to see KISS this year. I thought it would have happened another year because of how busy I am this year but turns out I was wrong. Whenever I go to a concert to see any band I treat the moment as if it is something that I am going to cherish forever no matter what goes down. I rely more on the events at the concert rather than what merchandise I score there. Some people like to obtain things at a concert that you can only get at a concert, and I’m talking not just a tour shirt because a tour shirt is pretty much what everyone gets. But I prefer to rely more on what happens at the concert like did the band notice me, did I meet lots of fans, did the band play my favourite songs, etc. I still plan to save my money for a bigger experience of a KISS concert once I finish college and start working and I’m hoping that Gene and Paul are still in the band by the time I have enough money. But for now it’s section 400 again at the show, because it’s the only thing I can afford right now but I think it’s on Gene’s side of the stage. God I would die if I was closer and then he pointed at me with his tongue out!
I have to say that whether I was around from the very beginning of KISS or not, and in this case I wasn’t. I am happy how strong KISS is going. They’ve been up, down and all around. There was a struggle at first, a rise to fame, superstardom, a fall, a removal of the image and then another slight rise, a return to the image, lots of lineup changes; yes lots of that, whether you like it or not. Well you get what I’m saying now. I may be only a 1-year long fan but I know my KISStory. I don’t need to be around since the beginning to understand what it was like. Regardless of that, KISS has been one of my favourite bands for all the heavy metal I have got into over the past few years and they are the most influential and successful band I’ve encountered, and I hope they remain strong for the years to come. When it’s all over, I hope it finishes with a big bang, and after they’re gone I will always think of them and love them as I play their records.

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