Gwar: Battle Maximus Review

I’ve been in to Gwar for quite some time now and I think it’s time I share my thoughts on their latest album Battle Maximus which came out a year before the death of Dave Brockie. May he be forever missed.
The whole album I found to be one of the most kick-ass stuff I have ever listened to so far this year. I’m thinking, Gwar is not so bad after all….cause remember I used to hate them at one point when I realized, maybe I should give them a chance before I start any dislike of something. 

The first track is like the feeling for giving you a chance to warm up to what is coming. It’s like a story that relates to the passing of Flatteus Maximus, well actually the whole album is dedicated to him. But in a way the intro track starts the preparation for the more intense stuff for the remains of the album. You’re waiting for it, you’re waiting for it and soon after the final words then starts Madness at the Core of Time. I’d say it and Bloodbath are the first two best tracks to start things off. Between that Nothing Left Alive was decent, not in love with it but They Swallowed the Sun is just epic. It is definitely without a doubt my favourite track on this album. I don’t know why, but when I heard it I just thought it was something that goes in my pure thrash playlist. It’s like Oderus Urungus at his best in my view.
Afterwards the remaining tracks did not fancy me, although I must admit that Torture was pretty good. But it doesn’t get intense again until the Battle Maximus Instrumental. Now that is what I call dedication to Cory Smoot. 

As you can tell I think this was a great album. I don’t love everything about it but I gave Gwar a chance and now I like them. I sometimes wonder what future is held for the band now that Dave is dead but only time will tell.


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