Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Next up in the Star Wars marathon during my reading week. Attack of the Clones. This was the first one I saw in theaters. I never thought there would be a lot of character evolution and changes in battles in this one so here we go:

To sum it up, we’ve got a new threat here. A group of Separatists led by former Jedi Master Count Dooku who has turned to the dark side.

He is forming a huge droid army, at the same time he’s made an alliance with Viceroy Nute Gunray and hired bounty hunter Jango Fett to assassinate Padme, now the Senator to the new queen of Naboo. Hearing this at first sounds like your typical damsel in distress which I hate but once I watch this, I realize it’s not. There’s a lot of change that goes through it. There are a few unexpected things like a whole group of Jedi on Geonosis showing up to help in the fight. Then there’s the debate of should the Republic have an army to assist the Jedi on the Separatist. Now in case you’re wondering, where are the Sith? When are they going to show up? Well the truth is that I began to realize that in this movie there were a few hints in the lines indicating that it won’t belong before they arrive. Listen to the scene of when Anakin and Padme are in that meadow. Anakin states that the Republic should be led a certain way. That reminds me of what’s going to happen soon, like who this mysterious Sith Lord is and how the Republic turned into the Empire. During this whole plot I was trying to figure out what’s happening, this episode seems to be the one that has the most foreshadowing in it, both lines and scenes.

Now onto the characters. I’ll talk about Padme first because she has changed a lot since the last movie. Now as someone with big expectations with female characters. I found her to be very beautiful, caring, but just like in the last episode she fights, but even more this time. I’m glad she knows how to at least use a gun, that’s what I like to see. Girl power. Sure there’s a bit of damsel in distress part since the Separatists want her dead but she is still able to take care of herself. For instance when she, Anakin, and Obi-Wan are to be executed in that arena, she picks the lock on her handcuffs, climbs up to the top of the pole and tries to fight off the Nexu until Anakin arrives and kills it. One thing I expect is that even if you can’t kill your enemy, at least try to until someone else comes to help instead of just standing and waiting completely. Obi-Wan also has matured in this movie, he’s become a lot more serious than he was in the last movie, acting more like a master now that he is one. Anakin of course you can obviously tell that he has grown, but while watching through this movie I began to discover that he doesn’t want to follow every rule that a Jedi must obey. For instance when given an assignment they must stick to it. He was supposed to protect Padme on Naboo but instead he goes with her to Tatooine to save his mother only to end up having her die in his arms. Also a Jedi is forbidden to love and he disobeys that too.
Speaking of which, I found the relationship between Anakin and Padme to be really emotional. It seems that there’s hints that he likes her before they share their first kiss. Then when he tells her he loves her one night, she says it cannot work because of what they are and how difficult it could be for them to be together. Anakin suggests they keep it a secret but Padme doesn’t like the idea of them living a lie. But the sweetest thing that happened was when before they go out into the arena Padme finally admits that she feels the same way even if they have to keep their love hidden and they secretly marry.
I feel like crying every time I watch this wedding scene. It takes place in a beautiful resort by the lake and the music you hear during this scene is so romantic it gets in my head. I found Padme’s dress to be really lacy, not the most common wedding dress you see but unique. If I lived on Naboo I would want to live close to the nature there, and of all the wedding scenes I’ve seen in movies, this one is definitely my favourite.
Remember when I said I didn’t fancy battle droids that much and that the even better stuff comes up? Well here you go. Super battle droids, everything the clone army has, a couple of giant walking machines and rolling ring tanks with missiles. Now the battle in this movie definitely was a good way to introduce all the heavy stuff. Also some of the bounty hunter weapons like bombs that set off shock waves that can cut through tons of asteroids and missiles. Can I get enough of this? No I can’t! Monsters? Yes, the Reek, Nexu and Acklay. Now those creatures were also totally great to have in there. I think the Nexu I found to be the scariest.
I don’t really have much to say about Count Dooku being the main agonist but the last thing I would like to talk about is Yoda. He unexpectedly became my favourite of all the Jedi. Yes he was in the last episode but didn’t have much of a role. This time he has a bigger role. He’s wise, powerful, and nearly 900 years old. Yes, 900 years old. I like the way he talks for some reason. I’ve always wanted to know what species he is but never found that out. I first saw him in the fifth episode where he seemed to act not as wise as he was, more like just someone living off on his own. Here in this episode I finally got to see him in action after taking interest. I found him to be like, unstoppable with the force and as soon as he took out his lightsaber he moved so fast and seemed to be the one that can not be defeated. If I was a Jedi then I’d want a green lightsaber like him and I think that he would be the best master for me. There are lots of great Jedi masters in the saga but he’s pretty much the greatest one in my opinion. You know there’s one saying I have that relates to him: Small is powerful. You don’t have to be big to be smart or strong so it all comes down to, never, ever, EVER judge someone by their height. You might be making a big mistake.
So to conclude this review I’d say this movie had a few unexpected things, some things I was waiting for; like the heavy weapons, tougher enemies and certain characters in action. But I was also noticing this movie has a lot of foreshadowing. Another example. You see a hologram of the Death Star that Dooku is planning to show to his master. Hint hint! Okay, yeah lots of foreshadowing so you’re watching and end up wondering, hey this could mean something later on. But I think you’ll only have that thought if you haven’t seen the original trilogy (episodes 4 – 6) but I have seen those three before I saw episodes 1 – 3 so this foreshadowing didn’t have much effect on me except for the foreshadowing that was leading up to the events of the third episode like how the Republic should be commanded.
Up next, Revenge of the Sith which is one of my favourites. Stay tuned!

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