Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Third one’s the charm. Now it’s time to share my thoughts on Revenge of the Sith, which was the last installment to complete the saga. I caught this one in theaters and it was like the ultimate film that puts it all together. If you’re wondering how this started or that concluded this one is not something to miss for any fan.

Even though the last movie seemed like the start of a war and a happy wedding ending, there were still questions I had that needed answers.
After watching this, most of my questions were answered. We start out by a big battle over Corascunt and the Chancellor has been captured by the new droid army leader General Grievous (I have a LOT to say about him later). Count Dooku returns but this time he’s killed, and Anakin’s wife Padme is now pregnant. There are even more doubts that the Jedi have about the Senate now that the Chancellor has been in office longer than he should be. He’s plotting to take over and I think I was able to sense it before it even happened. I found that the Sith finally emerged out of the shadows in this movie. In fact, my mother already knew that Palpatine was the Sith Lord before it was even revealed and the alliance between them and the Separatists was only temporary. I have spoken of this before I believe, but yeah. Anyway, remember all that foreshadowing that happened in the last movie? It all happens here, it gets intense and you’re left with shock because you did not expect it, or you’re left with a sense of “I knew it!”

Character development, well I think I’m going to start with Anakin once again. As you can see he’s quite handsome now. I think it’s the hair. But I could tell that in this movie before he turns to the dark side he was slowly losing himself as a Jedi. They didn’t trust him, wouldn’t let him do any of the assignments that involved fighting. He seemed out of place at that time and wanted to matter. He felt like he couldn’t matter again unless he changed sides. His wife Padme seemed to be all that he had left for hope. Padme on the other hand seemed to move away from being a fighter now that she is planning to have children. Not that I have an issue with it, which is quite surprising for someone like me to be saying that. They way she died just so simply at the end. I never understood that. She didn’t have an illness or anything that may cause death in childbirth which is what Anakin kept having nightmares about. I also couldn’t help but noticing that Mace Windu has a more demanding personality now. He never trusted Anakin and often would not grant him the rank of master or allow him to hunt down General Grievous. I think he was too serious in this movie than he was earlier.

There’s so much more intense battles in this movie than there were in the last one!
So this is what those Star Destroyers looked like before the Empire was formed and before they had TIE fighters. So many changes made and it’s too bad some of the weapons they had then were not used in the next like that blue laser you see at one point. Oh and vulture droids! You get to see more of them, I have always loved vulture droids. I don’t know why, I just do. I was going to talk about Anakin and Padme’s relationship as well but turns out all I can say is it started to go downhill, if Anakin didn’t have those nightmares then he wouldn’t have to be constantly worrying about her life and switch sides believing it would save her. Anyway, I’m amazed about how the war took place in locations I had never seen before even the home planet of the Wookies, where we get to see Chewbacca for the first time.
The battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin proved to be the most edge of the seat event. Apprentice turns against master and it turns into a brawl. Mustafar was a good add. It makes the fight more difficult for the both of them and I was left wondering will one of them kill the other first or will the lava kill them? Anakin’s defeat was probably the most brutal thing I’ve seen in all of these movies. Get your legs chopped off and your left arm and be left to burn on the shores of a lava pit. Now I know why Darth Vader was bald when his son unmasked him at the end of the 6th episode.
Now I’d like to share my thoughts on one last thing that made this movie in the saga great:
Yes, as I said: I have a lot to say about General Grievous. Why is that? First off, he became my favourite villain in the entire saga. I didn’t realize it at first but then it happened. I saw him and I thought “whoa what an awesome villain”, I for some reason liked the way he sounded and the way he looked. At first I was like, “okay I’ll give you a chance” but as soon as I saw him take his cape off, and four lightsabers in each arm I immediately went “holy crap this guy is a badass!” I wish he had a bigger role, it’s a real shame he only lasted for about only half of the movie and was killed. Now I have a confession to make. When I was 12 years old, I was in the 7th grade. It just came out of no where after watching this movie a few times I started doodling cartoons of myself fighting Grievous. Don’t ask me where those drawings are, they’re old and not very good, especially the way he was drawn. I made comics too and I fantasized about being the one who fights him instead of Obi-Wan. If I was a Jedi I’d want to face the enemy that I thought was the toughest and the coolest, which in this case it was him. But drawings like that: I made them everywhere, on papers, in sketchbooks and even in restaurants if they had paper on top of the table! I think my parents thought it was not such a big thing, they never complained about it but sometimes they teased me about it. They thought I had a crush on him. One time they were watching the movie with me and as soon as he appeared my mom nudges me and says “There’s your boyfriend!” I blush and I tell her it’s not like that. Well it never was like that anyway, sure I thought he was an awesome villain that I wanted to clash with but when I often got excited whenever he appeared it wasn’t meant as a crush it was meant more of “he’s awesome and I love him…..in a badass villain way, not a romantic way” if you get me. If I drew myself fighting Grievous now then the drawing would probably be better and more detailed. (Say, that gives me an idea!) Yes this was an obsession. I fantasized about being a Jedi since I was 6 and then made Grievous the main villain in this fantasy when I was 12. I think I remember having dreams at night about fighting him too. This obsession subsided when I became interested in dragons during my freshman year in high school. Does this passion of having the fantasy of fighting Grievous still exist? As a matter of fact, the answer is yes it still does. I sometimes forget it’s there due to the other things I fantasize about when I just want to use my down time to daydream. So yes you could still say I daydream about clashing my lightsaber against the four lightsabers that Grievous swings towards me. Aside from me still having this passion, I still think he’s a great villain no doubt, seems to have that kind of personality I like. I like his laugh too and the way he walks for some reason. Okay I got a little carried away here.
So, to finish this off. I think Revenge of the Sith is one of my favourite out of the saga. I always found it to be because all the foreshadowing you see in the last movie: they come true in this movie. The start of the Death Star’s construction, most of the Jedi destroyed, and Anakin turning to the dark side. When this movie completed the prequel series and the saga I’d say it did it perfectly.

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