Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

And now it’s time for the next review in the original Star Wars trilogy. Honestly, I think this one was the one my brother and I watched the most out of the last three in the saga.

If you wanted me to sum it up (this one’s easier to do) the Empire’s out for revenge.

The rebels are hiding from them and they’re pretty much running from them once again until they can come out of the shadows to defeat them cause God knows they may have destroyed the last Death Star but they’re still out there. Vader’s desperate to find Luke. Luke goes to train to become a Jedi on Dagobah with a little help from Yoda who seems to act like he’s becoming more fragile than ever but he still speaks the way he always has. While everyone else is evading the Empire trying to hunt them down for revenge. Pretty basic right? Yeah I think so, not saying I don’t like that but this movie was still pretty damn action packed.

So in terms of character development I noticed there’s a lot of change with Han Solo. He’s more demanding than laid back in this movie. He still has to deliver his payment to Jabba the Hutt but at the same time he has to help get his friends away from the Empire. He seems to treat Luke as more of a friend as well in this movie even though they don’t see each other for the majority. And I’ve always loved Harrison Ford, great actor. I’ve seen him just about all the Indiana Jones movies and a few other films. The relationship between Han and Leia I almost expected, they seemed to have a thing going on between each other. They were often arguing at first until they became an item. Pretty common way to start a romance. Lando I don’t have much to say about him but I was not expecting him to become a traitor but then he eventually turns good again. As for Luke I found the trap that Vader was trying to lure him in to to be brutal. Even more brutal if it wasn’t freezing carbonite and it was freezing of ice instead. I think that’s even worse. 
I didn’t know this thing was called a Wampa when I was a kid but it used to scare me. Once again Luke has a tussle with some kind of monster in this movie. Now that I look at the beast eating in the cave it’s not so scary looking anymore but wait until the next film. The Wampa didn’t scare me as much as the Rancor did when I was a kid. It seemed really stupid for Luke to go out into a blizzard after escaping the beast. I think what he should have done was kill the Wampa instead of cutting its arm off and then stay inside the cave waiting for help and until the blizzard subsides.
So as you can see most of the good stuff in this movie takes place on Hoth. AT-AT Walkers or Imperial Walkers as I used to call them. When I was a kid they were the first epic machines I saw in this trilogy. The Empire always gets the more powerful stuff. These things: slow but powerful so no wonder the rebels were forced to retreat when the probe droids found their base. Heavy assault much? Yeah I think so. 
Since the plot in this movie is pretty straight forward there’s not much for me to say but there is one thing:
The classic scene when we learn that Vader is Luke’s father. Of course none of this knew this if you didn’t watch the prequel trilogy first. I saw the original trilogy first so yeah I didn’t know this but I was shocked to learn it. That was pretty damn clever for Luke to jump off the edge to escape, and besides no one wants an evil father do they? Well, the good news is that Luke does eventually gather the strength to face his own father in the next movie and discover that there is still good in him as Padme said.
Only one more movie left to share my thoughts on. Bear with me and have patience for just one last time.

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