Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

And last but not least the final chapter in the Star Wars saga:

The first part is mainly just saving Han from Jabba the Hutt and putting an end to the bounty hunters. But while they are distracted doing that the Empire is secretly building a new Death Star that will be more powerful.

Even though it’s incomplete in this movie it’s still pretty badass and dangerous looking. Then Emperor Palpatine shows up to assist Vader in trying to make Luke an ally. I’ve always wondered, where was the Emperor hiding the whole time? Maybe it was Coruscunt. He’s always liked it there. Anyway, I found that when Yoda dies in this movie he is the only character in the saga who dies peacefully.

Ah characters…okay I’m going to talk about Luke first. You definitely noticed he seems to have changed a lot since the last movie even though the time period between both movies wasn’t that long. He seems to become a Jedi really fast. Some people may be unhappy with that because if you look back at the prequel trilogy, becoming a Jedi is a lengthy process. But then again the Jedi council and all the other requirements are no longer around so I’d say now you do it your own way. Luke becomes much braver in this episode but of course you can tell that. There really isn’t much change between the other characters on the good side but you probably noticed that Jabba becomes more evil in this episode because he has Han captive and since he leads the bounty hunters in the galaxy I guess that’s bad right? He looks a lot more chubbier and lazy in this film as well and Leia shows off her more heroic side in this film by killing him and she does a lot of fighting on the battles taking place on Endor. But I think her killing Jabba tops the list. Speaking of which:
So Jabba had a beast called a Rancor underneath the chamber in his palace. He would drop his own entertainers or people who threatened or displeased him into pit where it lived to watch them get eaten. For his own entertainment no less. Really Jabba? You find it entertaining to drop people into a pit with a Rancor and watch it eat them? Okay, that is brutal. This monster scared me the most as a kid to the point where I was too afraid to watch the entire scene until it was killed when Luke sent the dungeon door down crushing it. I can watch this scene now cause I like monsters obviously, but the Rancor is definitely the scariest beast out of all the beasts that Luke encountered. 
Now some fans claim they hate the idea of having the natives of Endor: the Ewoks help the rebels fight the Empire. What’s so bad about it. The band of rebels on the planet may not have been enough so why not team up with the planet’s natives even if they look like teddy bears? I found them to be cute especially the first one Leia meets which is named Wicket. They had some pretty clever ways of fighting too.
TIE Interceptors are definitely my favourite fighters that the Empire has while my favourite frigate is the Super Star Destroyer. Interceptors can fire four lasers at once and their wings are awesome, it’s a shame we don’t get to see them until this episode though. Plus the Millennium Falcon we now know it can be used for combat in this space battle. At first I thought it was just a ship more meant for travelling in.
To wrap this up I’ll finally talk about the main antagonist: Emperor Palpatine. I saw him throughout the saga and only then did I think he truly became more evil than ever once I was able to see his face in the third episode. I used to despise him as a kid and the reason for that I don’t know except for the fact that I thought he was pure evil and rotten to the core. Well he is! But then again he’s still pretty scary and definitely makes my favourite villains list. His laugh, well it’s scary but I have the urge to say that I’ve heard better than that (maybe that’s because I like the laugh General Grievous has more so yeah…) Force lightning once again, I thought that him torturing Luke was awful to see at first when I was young until I finally summoned enough ability inside of me to watch that scene. What Luke should have done was kept his lightsaber because….um hello, you can block force lightning with it. In the end I just love how Vader wakes up to reveal there is still good in him and throws his master into the reactor. The sight of him being unmasked, his funeral, and the after party across the galaxy are very emotional moments. When I die I want to be a force ghost like them.
So this movie has another pretty straight forward plot but I had more to say about it than the last movie.
So that concludes my thoughts on each Star Wars film. I’m no professional movie critic, and I don’t have any interest in becoming one but if I’m a big fan of something I’ll share my thoughts on it no matter how it is written. As a long time Star Wars fan, yeah you can expect my thoughts to be much more detailed. I had a lot of fun writing these reviews, some things I got carried away with but these reviews are based on how things were like for me when I first saw these movies and how it changed or developed as I got older and grew up with them.
Thanks for reading them! 

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