TFCon 2014: Transformers Heaven

Well, as I sit here and write this you can say that I can officially check off one item on my bucket list: Go to a Transformers convention. At first I thought BotCon was the only TF convention that existed but thanks to a fellow fan from college I learned that there was TFCon, another convention much closer to where I live. Took some time off from school last weekend to attend. Was it worth it? Hell yeah!

No matter where you turn there’s TF figures everywhere and I could just die at this moment. Yeah that’s right. I was waiting for 5 years to go to something like this. Not only to be surrounded by robots in disguise but also to be surrounded by other fans. There are not many TF freaks in my neighborhood but once you go out and about to these things they’re EVERYWHERE! I found myself literally freaking out the whole time cause I would buy the whole stack of action figures at every corner I saw!
There were a few special guests at the convention including voice actors, and designers. Did I meet any of them? Oh yes I did! My friend and I decided to line up to meet one of the voice actors: Gregg Berger who did the voice of Grimlock, one of the most well-known dinobots. When it was my turn, he was so nice and I asked him to say that classic line: “Me Grimlock no bozo! Me king!” I fangirled a little bit when he said it and he signed my Fall of Cybertron booklet and we got a photo together.
Never thought I’d meet any voice actors or anyone famous in general. Well here’s one! I was hoping to also meet Susan Blu who did Arcee but she couldn’t make it to the convention. I have a list of voice actors I wanna meet in the future and the list is growing. I also met the designer of Lil Formers which is one of my favourite TF animations with some hilarious comics.
Of course, no convention is complete without a souvenir! Well in this case I had three! While walking around for a while I got some photos with fans in costumes, talked with other fans, looked at merchandise, and well you know so on. I finally came across a figure of Megatron from the 2007 movie. I have Optimus and Ironhide in my room but the truth is I’ve always wanted at least one Decepticon so I bought him. I was LITERALLY carrying him around with me for the remainder of the time we were at the convention. The guy who sold him to me was like “He’ll have a nice home now! Take good care of him!” Honestly if I was rich I would have bought every single fucking Transformer that was at this place. I even caught glimpse of the Optimus action figure there which I have: Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class. 
Here are some pictures of me with fans in costumes. Hope they don’t mind. 
Yeah it’s a little blurry, but you can tell it’s homemade. I later ran into the maker without it on and told him he did a good job.
I think this guy has the best costume as Prowl you could easily mistake it for the real thing! I look kinda weird here but my dad says he likes to see me smile like this, and yeah I’ve got Megatron under my arm.
I didn’t stay all day but I’m going to remember this moment. As you might expect, a lot of the voice actors I want to meet in the future have done Transformers voices and yes Peter Cullen is at the top of the list. No surprise, and Megatron is now home!
Behave yourself Megatron! I think was hatching an evil plot while I was carrying him around with me. Yeah I sometimes get carried away with these posts I confess.
Well that pretty much sums it up what I want to say about this experience. I seriously have GOT to got to one of these things again. Being surrounded by Transformers is like dying and going to Cybertron.
Autobots, roll out!

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