The Goddess of Thunder Rises Again

I am so sorry this entry is a little late. I was on vacation but here it is now. I never thought I would get a chance to see KISS again in my life because I thought that their career would be over soon. But turns out I was wrong. WAY wrong. August 12th was just fucking AWESOME!!! Seeing KISS again, being introduced to Def Leppard and getting slightly more fun experience out of a KISS concert than last time, and now here is the story:

A taste of a Demon selfie for you. I’ll confess, I was worried about the weather ALL DAY because there was a severe thunderstorm watch and several dark clouds in the sky and that was a big if for me since my seat was not under the Molson Amphitheater’s roof. But guess what? It never rained once we were at the venue! I love my Gene costume and I’m so glad I got a chance to wear it to the show.

My friend Brayden came with me to the show and he dressed up as Ace. Unlike last year, there weren’t as many fans in costumes, probably because there were many who were their just for Def Leppard (I will definitely mention in here what I think of them now) We got so many compliments for our costumes. As soon as we got out of my dad’s car and began walking toward’s the venue’s entrance, people were cheering us on, complimenting us, and asking for photos. There were so many times where one second we get photos with one fan and then 2 seconds later another comes in and asks for a photo. It happened every moment I got up from my seat to either walk around or get something to drink. I didn’t mind at all, I felt like a star that night, I felt accepted and I felt part of a huge family. I enjoyed every moment of hanging out with fans, and taking pictures with them. Some compliments people gave me for my costume was that they liked my spirit and thought I was a true fan.

I have so many photos, honestly it took me a while to decide which ones to share.

 But here’s one of the best ones. Funny, last year I got a photo with a guy in a Gene costume and once again that happened this year! I actually have two pictures of myself with two different fans in costumes but this one’s a wee bit better than the other one. I was wandering around the venue between shows and bumped into one of them and got a photo with him, and the other one (this one —->) I got a photo with him after the show. I stuck my tongue out in many of these pictures and God my tongue is long. You know, they say that you inherit certain characteristics from your parents that put your appearance together. Like for instance you have your mother’s eyes. I have my mom’s nose. I don’t know what I have that is my dad’s. But it looks like I have Gene’s tongue and he and I are not even related! Oh well. It’s a shame the fan photos I got with fans who requested photos with me are not on my phone so I can’t really share them here but I’m sure wherever they are they are good ones.

Once we found our seats we pretty much stayed put during all three acts. Kobra & the Lotus were opening up for KISS & Def Leppard and you know me. You never know the opening act at all until you see them. Then came on Def Leppard. They were awesome and at first they weren’t my cup of tea until they started playing. I instantly stood up and started moving to their music. I know that Love Bites, Rocket, and Pour Some Sugar on Me were the best ones I liked so far. Sometimes you’re not a fan of the band until you see them play before the band you came to see and suddenly you have a change of heart. I guess you can say I’m a fan now. Time to buy their music! Here’s the setlist:

 1. Let It Go
2. Animal
3. Foolin’
4. Love Bites
5. Let’s Get Rocked
6. Two Steps Behind
7. Bringin’ on the Heartbreak
8. Switch 625
9. Hysteria
(with “Beth” by KISS tag)
10. Rocket
11. Armageddon It
12. Pour Some Sugar on Me
13. Rock of Ages
14. Photograph

After Def Leppard finished, I literally did not move at all from my seat. I would stay there from beginning to end, I swear, not missing a thing. Our seats were in 400 again but a little bit closer than where we were last time. The better seats are still out of my budget but I am truly hoping that next year I have enough money for something even closer. We were talking with fans sitting next to us and behind us and I was shaking inside because you know me: I never thought I would get to see KISS again. When I became a fan I was sure they wouldn’t last as long since Gene & Paul were in their 60’s and Eric & Tommy were in their 50’s, but turns out they still have some tours left in them and hopefully enough left in them for me to maybe buy VIP to go backstage and meet them by the time I can afford it.

From where I was sitting I could see them testing the spider from behind. If I was a helluva lot closer I would probably enjoy the presence of the spider even more. Soon everything went quiet and there it was again: That familiar sound behind the curtain and the sight of seeing the band walking down the hall towards the stage. I started screaming again and there goes the chant, the curtain falls, and BOOM, KISS!!

I am going to narrow it down to this stage photo: my favourite. I really mean it this time. I just like the lighting and the fact that Gene, Paul, and Tommy are all in the photo. As soon as KISS hit the stage I started screaming and singing my heart out to every song they did, except for Hide Your Heart which they played, and yes I don’t know the words yet!
The setlist: 
 1. Psycho Circus
2. Deuce
3. Shout It Out Loud
4. War Machine
5. Hotter Than Hell
(Gene breathes fire)
6. I Love It Loud
7. Lick It Up
(with “Won’t Get Fooled Again” … more)
Bass Solo
(Gene spits blood and flies)
8. God of Thunder
9. Hide Your Heart
10. Calling Dr. Love
11. Love Gun
(Paul flies out to the audience)
12. Black Diamond
13. Detroit Rock City
14. Rock and Roll All Nite
God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to You II
Well I’d say it was a LOT shorter than it was when I saw them last year. Almost the same set of songs as last year only a few different ones this time, not bad. 
My thoughts on each member’s performance. Ha, that’s easy. Paul, he sounds even better than last year. He was engaging us throughout the show and not once did he make me stop singing. Seriously, I find NOTHING wrong with his voice. I’m pretty sure Madonna can’t sing as well as she did back in the day but at least she tries. I think Paul is capable of singing and that’s why I am happy he continues to do it. Do what you love, and fuck anyone who says you suck. 
Eric and Tommy, well they definitely blew the doors down. It was too bad we didn’t get to hear Tommy play anything that he sings because I love to hear that. I’ve always wanted to hear him sing When Lightning Strikes or Outta this World (like last year). All of the songs on this setlist are Gene/Paul songs except for Black Diamond, which brings me to Eric. Eric, knows how to beat those drums, he had me singing all the way through that song. I don’t stop, not even for a split second.
I’ve been saving the best for last. That’s right, it’s Gene. I swear, no matter what he does on stage, he never fails to impress me. Gene’s being Gene. I sang every song that he sings and was pretty much screaming out to him whenever I got the chance. Brayden kept saying he looked at me but I don’t know how he could have because I was too far away. (I was close enough for Papa but this is obviously different) But then again I guess it counts cause I was in his line of sight…sort of. Anyway, you know what the best moment of the show is for me. After Lick it Up I heard that familiar bass sound and then I started screaming hysterically and began to record the whole bass solo. Then after nearly losing my voice (again) I sang as loud as I could to God of Thunder and imitated Gene at the same time. (that’s a new talent of mine that I’m working on) and as soon as the song was over I went straight to the bar to rescue my sore throat with some water. Didn’t make much of a difference though cause I woke up the next morning with still a sore throat.
When it was all over the same way it ended last year we cheered our hearts out and then began exiting the venue. I managed to catch one of the pieces of confetti that was still falling and then I took it home for another memento item. 
Every time I go to a KISS concert….even though it’s only been twice for me. I wish it would last forever. KISS is that band that allows me to escape all that troubles me. Just like in the song Shout it Out Loud: It doesn’t matter what you do or say, just forget the things that you’ve been told.
I look forward to maybe another chance to see KISS and have better seats for the event, I really mean it this time.
Come back soon KISS! I love you!

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