Return of the Finnish Monsters

It’s a few days late that I’m writing this but better late than never. I haven’t written about Lordi in ages! Maybe that’s because there’s not much I can think of to write about them. Anyway guess what? They’re back!!

At long last, Lordi’s new look is finally here! What are my thoughts? Here we go: OX, I see they’ve brought back the bigger horns and is it just me or does his new costume make him look more tough and bulky? Amen, doesn’t seem to have changed much but Amen’s being Amen! I’m going to miss that long hair that Mana had in the TBONTB era, I don’t know why but that hair!!! It just made him look pretty. Hella, looks really pretty, her clothes remind me once again of a bloodier version of Barbie. I think I like her blond hair better but I’m sure I’ll warm up to her new hairdo eventually. Mr. Lordi, there are no words to describe him except that he is still sexy. His hands remind me of the first two eras of the band. I’m glad he never ditches the cape and platform boots. He wouldn’t be the same without him. I still love him by the way and dream of meeting him backstage, well we’ll see what the future holds! I’ve decided to start writing the next book in my Lordi fanfiction which I’ve put on hold for almost two years! 
So, without anymore further a-do-do this is the album cover:

 So it’s called Scare Force One. The text almost resembles the KISS logo (or maybe just the S’s). The way they made it, I love it! It’s like the band are ready to take on the world to scare us to death or fight the baddies for us, I can just picture it now! The first single is out in about a week and I can’t wait! The album will be out next month I believe, not sure if the date of its release will be the same here as it is in Europe but we’ll see. Suddenly I’m not too worried about the tour because you know how I feel about that. I think this time I just won’t pay attention unless someone informs me that they will be coming here cause I don’t wanna cause any annoyance in the fandom.

Glad to see my favourite monsters from Finland have returned!!


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