Age of Extinction: Same Shit Every Year Son

You know I love Transformers, I’ve loved them for 5 years. I finally sat down to watch Age of Extinction when it hit theaters in June. This entry has been put on hold because I was still piecing together what I wanted to say about the movie. Well now here’s the whole damn truth about it and I’ve got to warn you I’ve got a bit of negativity to say so get ready:

The action in the movie is always exciting if you love to see robots fighting each other but once again the human forces have still not been ditched. You can see a shitload of explosions that once again Bay has only put in for his own entertainment. Also, the plot didn’t make any sense to me at first. The first movie was about the Autobots coming to Earth and finding the location of the AllSpark to bring back life to Cybertron. Revenge of the Fallen was about the Fallen hoping to conquer the Earth by harvesting Energon by destroying the Earth’s sun at the same time we get a bunch of legends thrown in about the Primes and all where the Matrix of Leadership is something completely different than what it is in the cartoons. Dark of the Moon was when it is discovered that the former leader of the Autobots Sentinel Prime made an alliance with Megatron to position pillars on Earth to bring Cybertron to Earth to revive it and enslave the humans, and they also allied with a few humans in the process. Makes sense right? Not. Why is that? Because we get a bunch of other things thrown in for that two hours we are in the theater. We don’t need to know about Sam Witwicky trying to impress a girl, survive college, and try to maintain his new job and deal with his new girlfriend’s boss. 
Still way too many human scenes…AGAIN. This isn’t what I wanted. I have my expectations and they are never met. In the previous movies we always get something like the humans talking about the war and all. While the Autobots are just sitting over there in vehicle form, it’s like they’re being treated like fucking pets and not characters!! This is a disgrace. In the first movie, yeah it was one thing for the Autobots to be sneaking around in disguise like in Sam’s backyard but in the rest of the movies it’s stupid. Bee, Skids and Mudflap following Sam around? Bitch please, it’s all backwards! What the hell are the Autobots doing in the corner of the NEST base in vehicle form? Shouldn’t they be talking too or doing their own thing when not fighting the ‘cons? And I can’t describe to you how upset I was when Optimus dies, they bring his corpse back to NEST and just drop it without a care on the ground. In this movie however we still see that shit, like the time Cade’s daughter is sitting inside Optimus’s truck and he’s just sitting there in vehicle mode. Okay Tessa, newsflash. Optimus Prime is a robot not your truck service so get the hell out!
Speaking of which, Tessa is once again the girl who doesn’t know how to defend herself and provides a distraction for viewers, AGAIN. 
Not too fancy about Lockdown, he looks humanish. Galvatron I thought was cool until I saw his transformation and was turned off. More bits and pieces than the rest of them, I’m fine with the conversions from vehicle to robot and vice versa from the others but this one was too much. I have no issues with the designs from all the movies except for the fact that they are easily breakable. Remember, my reaction when I first saw Optimus lose an arm?
I’m not going to go into too much detail about the movie because I don’t want to leave any spoilers but here’s what I have to say about Optimus:
Now, I am still warming up to his new look, but what I’ve been noticing throughout the series that he is moving away from the Optimus that I fell in love with. I fell in love with the Optimus from the first movie who was not only a strong fighter but had a compassionate Spark. Then in the 2nd movie he was starting to become a bit more violent. Things like “Any last words” that sounds more like something Ironhide would say. (god I miss Ironhide, fuck you Bay for killing him! He’s like the brother I never had!…..but he is alive in my heart) The 3rd movie you can’t mess with him “We will kill them all.” Okay no, that’s not the Optimus I love. The Optimus I love would say something like “The Decepticons will fall today.” See the difference between those two? And in this movie it gets even worse. His compassion still exists but I fear the violence is taking over, he was shooting at humans at one point. SHOOTING AT HUMANS. One thing he said he would never do from square one is hurt humans, even if they do become violent at him. Optimus, what happened to you? I can understand from his perspective that the war is getting to him and he wants peace but to turn into a violent mech for that, is something I do not like. Only this time I don’t blame the Decepticons I blame the humans for attacking every Autobot they see, and Ratchet…why him? He’s the medical officer! Who’s gonna nurse them now? Now we deal with just a bunch of bounty hunters and no Decepticons, to tell you the truth I liked it better when it was Autobots vs. Decepticons.
As you can see with every entry I have that relates to anything about Transformers, I take it very seriously as a fan, mostly with the movies. The games, that’s a different story. Give me Autobots and Decepticons fighting each other, Megatron has an evil plan to take over the world, the Autobots are trying to stop him and Starscream is still plotting to overthrow Megatron. Give me that and I will rate all the TF movies five stars. No humans, no human military, no sexy distractive girl on the sidelines who can’t save herself and only plays the love interest, no big fat plots that confuse everyone, no countless explosions, keep Optimus the way he is: compassionate, treat the Autobots right, give the Decepticons personality and finally: Don’t kill off the Autobots one by one so quickly! Do all of those things and the franchise will be better than it is now.
Now, yeah I’ve got a lot of criticism here but I’m not a hater. I will always love Transformers until the end of time but a lot of things need to change in order for the franchise to become better in every way.

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