You Win or You Die

For the past 5 months my mother and I decided to try watching something new. At one point we were watching Revolution until the series was cancelled. Then Defiance and Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D followed but then we lost interest in those two series. Finally we’ve come across a series that we’ve actually committed to and like enough to keep watching:

I started watching Game of Thrones at the start of my program’s second semester and we’ve been hooked ever since. The show itself there’s something exciting and sometimes disturbing or disappointing that happens. That’s what kept me interested. At times I’m not always paying attention because there’s sometimes too much talking and not enough action but this is drama isn’t it. You can learn something you didn’t know at first, especially if you re-watch an episode to understand something you missed.
Every episode appears to end with something shocking or something you were waiting for to happen. I won’t be too specific but maybe in later entries I’ll go into more detail based on each season perhaps. Some characters get killed off and you really like them at one point my mom and I felt that way when we finished season 3. As a hit series, HBO can pretty much get away with doing anything in it. First off, there’s a lot of blood and sex. The blood I don’t mind since I love horror flicks and hope to see more of them, but sometimes if the gore is in a certain area then I’m grossed out too. Sex, well as far as I’m concerned most of it has no feeling. When I see sex on TV and movies I like it when it’s done between two people who are in love, they cuddle together, kiss and make love. 95% of the sex in this show is just one of the prostitutes from the brothel and a knight or a major character. To make matters worse, sometimes it’s done where the woman is on her belly and the guy just mounts her from behind. I find that rather forceful and like rape almost.
I also find that the nudity in this show dominates the dragons. YES, there are dragons in this show but they aren’t shown as much as boobs are which is very disappointing to me. I’d fix that HBO if I were you.
Anyway, last weekend my mom and I binge watched our way through season 4 to finally catch up with the series and were we in for a lot of shocks.
Since I am now a fan of this series, I’ve noticed this happens a lot. I don’t plan to take part in any interaction much with the fandom but most of it is a debate to who should claim the Iron Throne. A lot of people say Stannis Baratheon because before, his brother Robert was the king so yeah that obviously makes Stannis next in line. Renly Baratheon the other brother of Robert could have also been next in line by right as well but until conflict fell between those two and Melisandre found a way to eliminate that conflict. 
I think Season 4 was the most exciting by far, so many moments that had me upset, or at that moment like “about time” or shocked in a way. But everything is unpredictable with HBO so we’ll see what happens next.

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