Stucifer in my Dreams

I haven’t blogged about dreams in a long time and I love writing about the dreams I’ve had. This dream was a while ago, I was planning to write about it but never got the chance because I got sidetracked well here it is.

Lately I’ve got a new metal musician crush to join my list of hot rock/metal musicians. Stu Block of Iced Earth:


I love Stu for 4 reasons. One: He’s super cute. Two: he has an awesome voice. Three: He’s fucking hilarious and he’s also very nice. Four: He’s Canadian like me.  Of course, I think he is completely suitable for Iced Earth, even though many still miss Matt Barlow. I have three albums by Iced Earth and I love them, my favourite songs right now would have to be Anthem and V from the Dystopia album. Anthem is that kind of song that gives me confidence and V based of V for Vendetta (note to self: watch that movie) is just simply awesome. Putting this band on my concert bucket list.

Now, on to the dream. I was working at a store in a small plaza, and one day I decided to go across to Harvey’s for my lunch break and as soon as I walked in there I saw Stu behind the counter cooking the fries. I tried to hide my fangirling excitement in there cause I had a mad crush on him. Then suddenly he came up and asked me if he could take my order. I blushed and told him what I wanted, and after paying for my order he said he was about to go on break and asked me if I wanted to join him. So we sat down at a table and had lunch together, we quickly became acquainted and I told him I was an Iced Earth fan, he said that he had divorced recently and the band had temporarily split up due to Jon’s surgery recovery which was taking a little bit longer than usual. So we kept contact and had lunch dates almost every day.

We soon became friends a few days later in the dream but I was beginning to fall in love with him. I was too nervous to tell him how I felt and I didn’t know if it was the right time to say so because he just divorced and was worried about Jon.

During one of our lunch dates I told him I was worried about how he was doing personally but he told me not to worry, I think at that point he could tell I was feeling something for him. So he asked me if he wanted to do a dinner date on the weekend. I agreed and we met up and became closer. While walking home he suddenly held my hand, I blushed and he said.

“I know you’re interested in me Emily, you look at me in a way that tells me that.” I wasn’t expecting an answer like that. “I do like you Emily, however I am still getting past my divorce.” I told him that I understood but I wanted to be there for him since he was going through a rough time. He smiled, and thanked me. Then when we reached my house, he said that he decided to agree to the relationship hoping we could work it out, and then he kissed me on the cheek to say goodnight. I thought I was going to die and after that kiss, that’s when I woke up.

I don’t care what anyone says about these entries about my dreams about rock stars. I love writing about my dreams


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