The Madness at the Core of Time……

I’m trying to find the words to describe this situation. But all I can come up with is Bloody Mary.

That’s right, I’m seeing GWAR on December 9th! It’ll be something completely different than what I was expecting, especially now that they have new a frontman and a new lady in the band as well. 
Since these guys are known for doing brutal things on stage I’m thinking, we’re gonna wear something that we don’t really care about if it gets dirty, so no fancy shit this time! I would have loved to see this band while Oderus was still on Earth but nothing is possible all the time, they’re on tour searching for him! Did he really go back to Scumdogia? I think so, but they don’t wanna leave Earth cause they’d be leaving us, the fans. 
This’ll be an exciting night, I’m sure of it. It’ll be Madness at the Core of Time I tell ya!

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