Double the Transformers = Double the Love Part 2: Transformers Prime

And now, onto the second part of this entry. While getting to know the G1 series better I decided to start watching Transformers Prime too. There have been a few times where I wanted to watch the series but didn’t even finish the prequel mini-series that goes on to the first season but I will finish the series, I really mean it this time.

It started off in the mini-series when the Decepticons have found Dark Energon and Megatron uses it on the Autobot Cliffjumper to bring him back from the dead but it only turns him into a zombie. Megatron plans to gather more Dark Energon to revive all of the fallen on Cybertron, after that fails it looks like Starscream has taken over cause Megatron is presumed dead. Now there’s something different happening that the Autobots have to deal with, I wonder if Megatron still functions and he will get his position back. The humans I actually don’t mind to be honest, Jack, Rafael and Miko, especially Miko because she’s the thrill seeking type from Tokyo, loves rock music, and her guardian is the Autobot Bulkhead.

 The Autobots look bad ass as usual especially Optimus. I think he could use the flames to look even better, but hey better than nothing. Bulkhead is the one with the brawn and Ratchet is the one with the brains. It’s strange you know, to see Ratchet be a bit of a scientist as well as the medical officer. Arcee on the other hand, girl power is all I can say. In one episode while looking after the base and the humans, Jack asks her where OP is while Miko is playing guitar. Arcee says that he is out for drive because Primes do not party. What a coincidence, I’m not a party person either. Hey OP, can you take me for a drive next time? (sorry not sorry muahahahaha! <3) Some people actually thought that OP and Arcee were more than friends only because she once held his hand when they were stranded in the Arctic so they started making artwork about it. As a Prime-lover, I hated that (seeing that artwork) but at the same time I knew that they are friends and only friends. Optimus has a mate in the G1 series, and in the rest of the series he's available thank Primus. If I was his Sparkmate in another series I'd want it to be this series or the movies. If you don't like my Prime-Lover talk feel free to leave but I will not accept you insulting me for it. Other than that, I laughed my ass off when Bulkhead screamed over the Scraplets once, and he's usually the toughest of the group! Too bad Ironhide isn't there, I miss him.

And for the Decepticons: Megatron looks fucking SICK!!!! Why is it that he has to look the coolest of all the Decepticons? Oh…yeah that’s because he’s the leader. Duh. It was cool seeing Knockout and Breakdown in the most recent episode that I watched, I think I like Knockout a little more. Starscream on the other hand sounds vicious but I’m not really digging his appearance for some reason. Soundwave looks cool but he never speaks, unless he records something he overheard the Autobots saying. But I like the Decepticon minions as well. I love how in the prequel series, Miko takes a picture of one before taking a picture of the screen she saw in the control room! I hope she’s not posting that stuff anywhere! But I’m just counting the episodes until Megatron comes back, no one leads the Decepticons better than him! Same for Optimus. Starscream may do his best in leading the ‘cons but in reality they don’t like him being in charge. I wonder if any more ‘cons will appear, we already had Wheeljack appear briefly and Makeshift disguised as him so what’s next? Let’s keep watching!

The series gets more exciting as I keep watching, some things may make me happy but there may also be things that I’m like “no that shouldn’t have happened.” But no TV show is perfect. If you read this and Part 2 thank you so much for reading my thoughts on these two shows as I start to watch them. I hope to give updates on what I think about them when something really tide-turning happens in both of them. Feels great to be exposed to the parts of Transformers that make it about Transformers.

Until next time. Here’s one of my favourite battles from the final part of Darkness Rising. Go Optimus!!


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