Enter Vulvatron & Blothar

Gwar’s lineup has changed recently and it looks like I’m with the current now. Back in Gwar’s early days they had a frontwoman alongside of Oderus but due to his untimely death we’ve got a new singer as well and a new frontwoman. Here are my thoughts:

So this is Vulvatron. Mind you, I’ve found out that every frontwoman in Gwar: they don’t play an instrument, I haven’t heard anything about them doing backup vocals but I do know she’s gonna squirt blood from her tits. That’ll definitely be gory but another one of those ways of making sure everyone leaves the venue covered. She sounded pretty laid back on the audio interview found on Metal Injection and she started learning a few parts of the human Internet language through Twitter recently!

As for Blothar, also seen in the Metal Injection interview, he seems like a pretty cool guy. He doesn’t beat Oderus in my books but we’ll see what happens as we move forward. I’ll only find out more about him as soon as I see him live or just watch live videos for spoilers. But is that really such a good idea or not? I think I’m going to wait until December. That way it’ll be more of a surprise. Blothar seems pretty cool, he’s no Oderus but I’m sure I’ll find a place for him in my book of favourite singers.

Only two months until I get covered in blood and guts! This I definitely want to remember!


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