No Trouble in TF Paradise

Had another Transformers dream over the long weekend. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now so maybe writing about it will clear it up a bit.

It started on a tropical island. We were Ground-Bridged to it. I was OP’s Sparkmate of course. Now normally in a situation like this, he wouldn’t want me coming along on missions like these but in this dream let’s just say that my family was out somewhere else and he didn’t want me left alone so he brought me along. Ironhide remained patroling one side of the island. OP and Ratchet dropped me off at the beach and told me to remain there until nightfall. The beach wasn’t very crowded, and sometimes I don’t understand why he wanted me to stay on the beach; out in an open place, no where to hide if any Decepticons came along. OP and Ratchet went scouting the area.

I was playing on the beach all day. Just running around in the water, making sandcastles and all that fun shit. I don’t tan. Tanning is definitely not my thing when it comes to spending a day on the beach. I prefer to spend it swimming, walking on the sand or even running around. Even if I do decide to sit and lounge in a charge instead, I pick a shady spot and read a book. Some of the children on the beach were beginning to suspect that I was allied with aliens or I was one of them in disguise but let’s be honest here, we don’t want that do we?
Come dusk, I was flying around the island wondering where OP and Ratchet were. Ironhide came to check on me and thought he would make it more exciting for me if I had got to see more of the island but due to the possible presence of Decepticons he didn’t want me venturing into the woods since most of them could be on the ground. But he didn’t even bother to consider that maybe Starscream would be there. I flew around the island and no ‘cons at first.

Not even Starscream. But when I circled the island twice I saw what looked like a ship sticking out of the trees. It definitely was not an Autobot ship since we came here by Ground-Bridge. I quickly landed and gave it back to Ironhide but before I could warn him he told me to come with him. I followed him into the forest and we quickly Ground-Bridged back home. He told me to pick out something to wear, I picked out a red ball gown which was OP’s favourite. Now this dress, I didn’t imagine it up from my head….well actually I did at first until I encountered a picture of a dress very similar to what I pictured back then. So from then on I used that picture of that dress to use as the one I would wear for OP.

Now the source of this dress came from my wonderful vivid imagination until I found it on a popular Facebook game called It Girl. I swear, when I found it in the game, it looked almost just like the red dress I was picturing.

Yes, I used to play It Girl, don’t laugh. Okay….if you do that’s fine cause if you’re a regular visitor here you’re probably thinking the game is too girlish for me, but I quit the game when I reached over level 100 and some things became impossible to complete like parties and purchases (even the purchases that do not require the input of real money for faster purchasing). How did I get to that high of a level so quickly? By doing endless Rival Showdowns and earning a ton of XP for beating em all. So yeah, this is the dress I found in the game and decided to use it as the one I wear for OP on all special ocassions with him in my imagination. I actually wasted a bit of cash on FB credits to buy this dress in the game when I saw it cause I thought: Okay that is exactly what I was looking for. So yeah this is my avatar wearing that dress. Do the accessories go with the dress when I picture myself on it? Depends, with this picture of my avatar in it, no, except for the blue diamond ring. The hairstyle, close enough but not with that peacock flower. The bracelet, earrings, bag, necklace and shoes do not clash with the way I picture it. In reality I imagine the necklace to be blue pearls with a crystal in the middle and it came directly from OP’s Spark. No bag needed, the earrings are blue crystals and the shoes are red heels. Simple enough right?

Back to the dream now, I basically return to the beach at night wearing that dress, knowing OP he loves to see me in it (I wish I had that dress in real life) and I waiting for him. The stars were coming out and I hoped that he would not be late or got held up from any ‘cons that could have been on that ship I saw. I stood looking at the horizon, the waves were crashing in to a moderate breeze and millions of stars twinkled in the night sky. The moon was full and illuminated the beach, and then I could see the Milky Way too. As I looked at the sky I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw OP.

He smiled when he saw me. I remember him calling me his angel and said I looked beautiful. He knelt down to me and asked me if I was all right. Then when I told him I was, he smiled and kissed me very gently. He stood up afterwards and set his hand down to me. I climbed on and he he placed me on his shoulder and began walking along the shoreline. At that very moment I told him everything about the jetpack Ironhide loaned me and the ship I saw. He said he already knew, and that it was an abandoned Decepticon dropship. But no ‘cons were found inside. I was relieved to hear that. Then he stopped, gently took me off his shoulder and helf me close to his Spark. He told me not to worry as I was safe there with him. Inside I knew he was also saying: “I wish it were true.”

I woke up right when I heard him say those words in his mind. Knowing OP, he wants to believe a war is won when in reality it isn’t. Save the best part of the dream for last! I like that. ❤


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