The Rise and the Fall of the Chaos Bringer

After putting this off all week I finally got to it today, the season finale for the first season of Transformers Prime. I thought it was going to be epic considering every episode had something exciting to bring and it was.

I think it got off to a good start, a thrilling, edge-of-my-seat experience. A prophecy of the planets in the solar system aligning involves Megatron. But I was shocked to learn that what it was had to do with Dark Energon. So Dark Energon is the blood of Unicron, there’s a shock. Makes sense why Megatron is so desparate to make Unicron come back. My reaction to OP deciding that he cannot settle the war with negotiation and it has to be done with termination, well at least you tried negotiation first unlike in the Bay series where you went straight to violence instead!

This show down scene was too epic. I mean, how often do we get to see OP and Megatron duke it out? Rarely, and when it ended with Megatron laughing and raising his blade to kill OP, I was on the edge of my seat but at the same time the volcano erupts and Dark Energon comes pouring out of it, and soon who rises again is: UNICRON!!!!

Unicron wasn’t really what I thought he was going to be. I’ve seen him in the ’86 film so I thought he was going to be something similar to that but he’s not. This isn’t Unicron himself which sucks, it’s just one of his minions to take a physical form of him. The real Unicron has consumed the entire planet and his very Spark is the Earth’s core! Creepy much? Well, a little bit, it’s like he’s watching your every move, so all that Dark Energon he has released is what’s causing worldwide natural disasters. The the Autobots make an alliance with Megatron to stop him. Megatron surprisingly decided that it was a good idea to do so after he tried to pledge himself to Unicron’s service and failed, and with the Dark Energon inside him he’s linked to Unicron in a way to help them reach the core.

So a journey to the center to the Earth it’s like the planet is alive. Unicron’s eyes watch you inside, you can hear the beat of his Spark as you proceed and he’s got a Cybertronian immune system. Soon, Megatron and OP reach the Spark chamber and Megatron breaks free of Unicron’s control of the Dark Energon. OP uses the Matrix of Leadership within him to destroy Unicron but…..to my surprise after he used it he lost his memories of being a Prime!?!? Now it’s like he’s Orion Pax all over again friends with the Gladiator Megatronus on Cybertron! I hope this isn’t permanent, no one can lead the Autobots better than OP! Not even Hot Rod! Every time a character in every movie or TV show has amnesia I always wonder how they get their memories back and go back to the way they were before. Amnesia isn’t permanent right? Jack, Miko, Rafael and even June learn of OP’s past. OP entrusts Jack to keep something safe for him as he believes he won’t return. Well, if Megatron convinces OP that the Decepticons are good and he becomes one, I may be upset but it definitely won’t shatter my heart because something tells me that he will get his memory of being Prime back but it’s only a matter of time…as long as he goes back to being the Optimus Prime I love that leads the Autobots then I’m happy.


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