No Game is Broken

So, I’m a little late in posting this because I’ve been playing the Master Chief collection ever since it came out two weeks ago. But lately people are just too damn upset because the game isn’t perfect.

Well, no game is going to be perfect especially once it has been released. Look at Skyrim, it’s been out for 3 years and still has bugs. For instance when I’m playing I’ve got so many saves that the game still freezes sometimes. One time I was in Solitude and there was this big hole in the middle of the city now where that come from? Oh, I know….a BUG!

I don’t understand why some Halo fans have to be so upset. I’ve been playing the game since it came out, and everyone else is bitching because they can’t play. Some people probably only got the game for multiplayer and they don’t care about doing the story unless they want to do a full on Legendary run through alone or with friends. (I think some people do it on Legendary only for the handful of achievements they’ll get) As I’ve said, I like achievements but I can live without having all of them in a game.

I can survive without multiplayer mode in this game because why did I become a Halo fan in the first place? It was the story, not the gameplay and as I played I gradually got better at shooter games. I desired to learn more about the Covenant the most and the Sangheili. Finding all those terminals in Halo 2 Anniversary told me more of Thel ‘Vadamee’s backstory and his time as Supreme Commander before he was stripped of his title. But seriously, the game is not broken. Only a portion of the game is not working and that ladies and gentlemen is Multiplayer. Tragedy? No, it’s not the end of the world. Play another game for a bit or if you haven’t touched story mode, do that instead. That’s what I’m doing. Believe it or not there are a large amount of achievements associated with story mode in MCC. Easter eggs, terminals, skulls, even toys, and there’s lots for doing random things like, for instance I got an achievement for killing two Hunters on the Composer level using only the sticky grenade launcher. Easy as pie. If no one claims the basement TV tonight then I’ll be taking on the Didact.

Anyway, I am an active poster in the Halo Waypoint forum and a lot of members have posted hate, complaint, refund request, etc. in the forum for MCC topics. It’s really annoying. Here’s a solution: instead of complaining like a child, return the game or temporarily stop playing it and play something else. Even better, get outside or read a book. Of course, the reason why I’m not whining is because I’m playing story mode at the moment. I’ll touch multiplayer when it starts to work better, I did a few matches but it took a wee bit longer to find other players than expected. Shit happens. Do I blame 343? No, they are aware of the issues and are doing everything they can to fix it. But idiots jump to conclusions and say “No fuck you, I don’t forgive you for these flaws in the game, I’m taking this shitty game back.” If you said that how can you be a Halo fan? It’s one thing to be upset and give some constructive and respectful feedback about how you feel about the game. Hating and cursing at the company is different. I’m pretty sure 343 knows what they’re doing. They’re not a bad gaming company. A lot of people were disappointed with Halo 4. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that the Storm Covenant (which I assume is completely different than the regular Covenant) was ugly, especially the Elites, so I’m glad I didn’t have to be an Elite in that game in multiplayer mode. But other than that, the story was great. We were finally introduced to the Forerunners. The Spartan-Ops mode is fun to play as well. So it’s a good game in my books. People were only upset about it because Halo is no longer managed by Bungie. I don’t give a shit which company manages the franchise. As long as I have a Halo game with a good storyline and where I can shoot things for a few hours I’m happy.

My definition of a broken game is a broken/scratched disk, a game that just gives you a fuzzy or black screen, doesn’t start up or freezes the moment you start it, etc. A broken game is not a game where one game mode or the most popular mode in the game doesn’t work. MCC is not broken, it’s flawed, got bugs on multiplayer are they permanent, I hope not. Most people only got this game for multiplayer so it’s no wonder they’re so upset “WAAHH!! THE GAME IS BROKEN!!” Oh please……I see bugged and broken as two different things unlike society does.

But seriously haters, grow up. Complaining is not going to solve anything. Just shut up and play a different game mode. (Campaign’s a lot more fun than you think, and you don’t just have to do it on Legendary, in fact sometimes I even play it on fucking EASY and NORMAL because I feel like it, but one of these days I’m going to give Heroic a go.) or return the game. If you choose to return it and suddenly another patch comes in and totally fixes multiplayer it’s your loss. Now if you will excuse me, the Didact is headed to Earth and I have to stop him. Peace.


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