Hail Genocide! A Bloody Night with GWAR

The bloody pit of horror really does exist and it’s a bloody pit indeed! GWAR kicked major ass there are too many words to describe it. Bad news is however, I don’t have any stage photos from the gig because of all the blood I didn’t want my phone to get ruined.

Start this off with me before and after the show:

You can’t really see much of the blood on my face but it definitely ruined my makeup! As soon as I got home I showered immediately and put all my clothes in the laundry. The stains are easy to wash off thank God.

We got to the venue an hour early and surprisingly there was barely a lineup. Then when the door opened I bought some merch and bolted for the railing by the stage and scored front center. I literally just stood there through American Sharks holding onto the railing the whole time. It got a little tighter during Corrosion of Conformity. Before GWAR came on the song War Pigs by Black Sabbath came on and the crowd started roaring the lyrics, I tried to sing along as well, I am a Sabbath fan but need to listen to the song again. I could spot the band in the shadows from each side. Then there was a light and on the screen at the very front and Oderus appeared singing “Fly Now” A great intro if I must say so myself. I shouted “Hail Oderus” as loud as I could and as soon as the screen moved aside and behold the mighty GWAR!

I was happy to see Beefcake, Balsac and Pustulus the most. They were epic. I’ll add in that Sawborg, Blothar, Vulvatron and even Bonesnapper rock as well. Blothar is a funny guy, Vulvatron is a sexy bitch and Sawborg is a badass.

I went in clean and came out all bloodied up and bought two shirts and a patch for my vest to substitute for no concert photos. But a GWAR show has a disadvantage unfortunately. The band really gets the crowd aggressive and as someone who is not a fan of mosh pits that spells trouble. A pit started up a few rows behind me eventually crowd surfing started to happen. I couldn’t even look at the stage more than half of the time without security having to reach over me to pull someone out. Soon I hurt my neck from someone being surfed over me which was no fun. I even tried to complain to security that my neck would break if this didn’t stop but they acted like they didn’t give a shit. Soon I was crushed up against the railing and felt like my ribs were going to break, I swear it was too much so I asked to be pulled out of there. It took two guards to get me out since I was stuck. Seriously, I understand GWAR makes everyone go insane but there needs to be some crowd control. Security just doesn’t do their job sometimes, also drugs and booze are to blame for this. If someone doesn’t want to participate in the pit or someone gets hurt, no one will know. Plus reports have come in that some people have even died in a mosh pit. When I saw Ghost in April I was lucky that security did their job and Papa does not approve of moshing because he cares about us and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. So yeah, I’m one of those Metalheads who hates moshing. I come to a concert to see the band live, not to get high, drunk, and mosh. However, sometimes there are situations when if you fall down they’ll help you up again but if they’re drunk they won’t know.

That being said, I still had a good time. In fact before I left the danger zone, I stayed on the railing when they played my favourite song Hail Genocide! Madness at the Core of Time and Bloodbath were crowd pleasers for me as well.

Would I see GWAR again? Sure, why not? I would love to in fact. But next time I think I won’t go for the front row, I’ll just hang in the back by the merchandise stand or get balcony seats. Beats getting a broken neck or ribs. As for any other bands I want to see that come smaller venues here’s hoping moshing doesn’t get too nasty from wherever it starts.

One of my new shirts. I had to get one of Oderus on it
And the other one, has tour dates on the back.
As soon as I got home I threw all my clothes in the laundry including those two shirts and showered for like 20 minutes to get the blood off. Sore throat, sore body, but happy heart. Thank you GWAR! I hope to see you again and next time unfortunately I’m staying in the safe zone. The pit at your concerts just isn’t my thing.

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