Back to the Meadows of Heaven

Nightwish returns to Toronto this upcoming April, on the day of the Titanic’s sinking. I was a part of their show the last time they were here, September 20th 2012. That was my first metal concert. Will I be a part of it this year? Well, I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t going.

I haven’t really heard much of Floor Jansen’s voice, not since I got Showtime Storytime for Christmas 2013, and I thought she sounded great. There’s also a new album coming out so I’m definitely buying it. Nightwish is one of those bands I came to love through two friends of mine. It combines with metal and classical and creates an epic sound. The new album is something to look forward to, to get pumped up for the show. I figured Nightwish would return someday. They don’t really come to Canada, often but at least they don’t neglect Canada completely when they come to North America, so even just one show in Toronto is good enough for me. It’s a good thing there are at least some European bands I love, that actually have a fanbase big enough to cross overseas. Be it Nightwish or Ghost, you name it.

Twice in a lifetime with this epic band, and I can’t wait. I remember last time I saw them I barely knew any of their songs except one of them. I have all their albums now. They’re not a band I listen to all the time, but just enough to recognize most of their songs. Hopefully when I see them again this year, I’ll actually recognize most of the songs and sing to them.

 One gig for 2015 confirmed. See you in the Meadows of Heaven fellow Nightwish fans!


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