Optimus Prime shall meet his Princess

Every year TFCon is held in the summer. I was there last year and I have to be there again this year, no excuses no matter how urgent they are. Why is that? Well….

I had a major heart attack when this news reached me. I HAVE TO BE THERE. This Friday will mark the 5th year of my love for Optimus Prime, and I have been waiting 5 years for the opportunity to meet his voice actor. Now my dream may finally come true! *squeals*

My friends are the only people, who have accepted why I love OP. I have even met some people who love him too, they know what I go through; the struggles of loving him, especially when I was under 18. One of my friends told me she met him, and said he was so sweet in person. I’ll probably die. I will definitely have to tell him why I love OP so much, ask him to say my favourite line, or a custom one directed at me. I need a photo, that’s a big memory item, as for something signed I’m not sure what, maybe one of my drawings, but not one that is too romantic like the ones I have drawn of OP and I kissing. I’ve looked through my drawings and maybe the one of me sitting on his shoulder will do.

Other than that, Prime’s little princess (that’s me!) has got something to wear for the event!

Yes that’s me. My new Optimus dress. I was innocently browsing my Instagram feed two weeks ago, and stumbled upon a photo that someone had taken of the dress from the Hot Topic website, and she said she wanted it. I’ve wanted an outfit for years that is related to my beloved Optimus. I went straight to Hot Topic and ordered it.
Then this afternoon, I was sewing a 2nd KISS patch onto my vest while listening to Lordi on the stereo, when a courier stopped at my door. I quickly shut off the music, cause God knows I don’t want it blasting and answered, he said the package was for me. As soon as I unwrapped that dress from the package, I immediately tried it on, and twirled around the room. 
Now one question remains, should I wear my tiara with it at TFCon? I have referred to myself as Optimus Prime’s Princess for years, and in fact, that was the name of my YouTube channel back in the day, which I sadly closed due to a bunch of morons, hating on my singing. So maybe the answer is, why not? I wore it to a Ghost concert and Papa definitely seemed to like it, so why wouldn’t Peter Cullen?
I think I’ll also wear it on Friday, since that’s my 5th anniversary as a Prime-lover, only something fellow lovers of Optimus will understand. 

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