Write Away

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t been writing as many entries per month as I used to. The last time I had so many frequent updates, was when I was sharing my thoughts on all 4 Halo games while playing through the Master Chief Collection, after it was released.

Well, remember reading about how I now have a crush on the Didact? The reason why I haven’t written on here as much is because I started writing a fanfiction about him. The story all came together when I heard the new single “Criminal” by Ash Koley on the radio. The sound and lyrics suddenly made me think of the Didact, and the story came together just like that.

Just listen to the lyrics, you’ll understand why I dedicated this song to the Didact, hence my love for the song. Eventually it led me to write my own song for him. Therefore it wasn’t just sympathy for him (after learning his backstory), that made me love him.

Anyway, I spent the past few months working on this story via Wattpad. You can find me on there, my name is: LordiStaineSimmons
My most popular stuff on there is the Megadeth saga, but I put that on hold to write the Didact’s story. Hopefully the fans don’t mind. You can also find my Lordi trilogy fanfiction on there, which I wrote like, 3 years ago. Most of the chapters I pictured by listening to certain Lordi songs. I have planned a fourth story to conclude the saga but that’s been on hold for a while.

You can access the Didact story here: The Good, the Bad, and the Didact
What’s it about? Well you’ll have to read it and find out, don’t worry I’m sure you can still read it even if you’re not a member!

The truth is that I actually completed the last chapter of the story yesterday morning. I feel happy that I have finished it, but at the same time, I’m sad that I finished it. Why? Because my writing skills have recently improved while writing it. I did a better job with commas, separating paragraphs, dialogues, and all that shit. I felt proud of it. I felt so connected to the story. I think I might just save it to a word document and read it whenever I desire, in case my Wattpad account gets hacked. It may not be my most popular story that I’ve written, but it’s the most well-written one out of the rest.

Don’t bother looking for my work on FanFiction. I’m not on there because people are too strict about what you write. I do self-insertion alot, but I do everything in my power to avoid a Mary Sue. Self-insertion is not a bad thing. If you want to put yourself in the story, be my guest, I’ll still read it if I’m interested, no matter what your role is in the story: bad guy, lead role, love interest, etc. In fact, I feel more connected to the stories I write, when I am in them as an original character.

You know what I think I’m gonna do now? Read through my Didact story again because I want to remember this one later in life, as it is the first story I have written that has shown lots of improvement in my writing skills.


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