The Pros and Cons of Horror Survival Games

Ever since August 2014, there’s been a big boom up on horror PC games. Now I’m not a PC gamer, but seeing this news, and due to the fact that I have friends who play these games I might as well share my thoughts.

5 Nights at Freddy’s is all the rage now. Personally, I prefer it spreading on the Internet over My Little Pony. So, it’s a horror game but at first I look at it and didn’t understand what was so scary about these animatronic characters….until you start playing.

I watched Markiplier play it and it did seem pretty scary when they jump at you, but it gets even worse if YOU are playing. I spent one afternoon at my friend’s house who has played the first and second game. I tried playing two nights in the first game and survived, but still I felt that rush of fear trying to conserve power, and keep the animatronics from killing me. Seeing them appear in the doorways, always makes me jump besides when you get attacked. Now, you may think how is this scary if all you’re doing is monitoring their whereabouts, and keeping them out of your office as a night watchman?

I can’t help but notice that the game has been viewed as scary because of the frequent jump-scares you get when one of the animatronics catches you.

The pros: Well I can say that every time I see that it never fails to make me jump inside. You’re on the edge of your seat trying to make sure that they don’t reach you, suspense, in shorter words.

The cons: Ever since these games came out, most of the fan art is designed to take away the scare, and make it look cute which I personally think ruins it.

I never tried the 2nd one but I did watch my friend attempt the 5th night. When I was over at his house, I was sitting right next to him, and it yook him a few tries, but he eventually prevailed, I think I was his good luck charm.

Now when I watched him, or Markiplier play I wasn’t so tense, but when I played those two nights myself, I’m like, oh no no no no, gotta stay alive. That sort of feeling.

The first night, no one came to the doors but on the second night I got a few jumps when Bonnie showed up. I kept an extra close eye on Foxy, knowing what he’s capable of. You can sometimes learn from watching other players, but it depends on the game. I managed to stop Foxy from running into the office, and he banged on the door. But at 5am I never noticed Chica at the window and she almost got me, until 6am arrived. That was all I did.

I don’t really see myself binge-playing this game because I’m not a PC gamer, I’m more of your Nintendo/Xbox gamerchic. But I will settle for Foxy being the one who creeped me out the most. Watching him sprint towards the door, gave me chills, even though I had closed the door fast enough to keep him out.

Until then, peace.


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