Hunting Predacons

Well, I’ve finally finished the Transformers Prime series, season 3 Beast Hunters and the 1 hour finale.

Thoughts on it, incoming in 3…..2…..1.

So it first starts off with the Autobots on the run, Optimus Prime is mortally wounded and Smokescreen decides to use the Forge on OP instead of himself. So did OP die really? Well I’d say, he died at the last minute, but came back 2 seconds later.

His new look, is badass (and sexy), but it’s also quite overpowered. OP use to have a lot more weaknesses, in his old form. But nevertheless, I prefer both looks of him in this series.

Season 3 is mainly just hunting for Predacon bones, and Predaking serving Megatron upon knowing that he’s capable of transforming. The leader of M.E.C.H is dead, thank Primus because I always hated him. Ultra Magnus is awesome but is definitely the “by the book” kind of guy, regardless, still awesome. But let me make this short and sweet, no need to go into a long rant.

It got extremely exciting near the end. Miko tags along with Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus and she uses the Apex armor to kick Decepticon butt. I’ve always liked her. The finale was the best; with Ratchet forced to rebuild the Omega Lock, and the Autobots storm the ship to save him. Bumblebee is stabbed by Megatron and falls into the pool of Energon the Omega Loc generates, and it was absolutely epic when he emerges from it, revived, and kills Megatron with the Star Sabre. Best of all, he can talk again!

Predacons Rising is decent to end the series but I was expecting a lot more from it than the way it was.

Unicron in possession of Megatron’s body, is pretty badass. The whole finale starts off pretty cool with that happening, and OP recovering the Allspark so Cybertron is capable of supporting life completely. He barely escapes a cosmic storm finding it.

But the way things end is a disappointment. That’s because unfortunately, OP takes out the Energon from the Allspark to merge it with the Matrix of Leadership. Thus, allowing him to imprison Unicron inside it. Megatron’s back to normal but now OP has to merge with Primus which breaks the hearts of Prime-lovers worldwide, including myself of course.

I’ll never forget that final glance, and the time I held back all my tears. Knowing OP, he’s willing to sacrifice himself to save his own homeworld, and that’s one reason why I love him. But at the same time, I wish there was another way. Cybertron now restored, won’t be the same without him.

Needless to say, I loved the entire series but I wish it ended a little differently, I’m not disappointed, nor am I expressing hate. I’m just simply saying, hey it’s great but it should have concluded differently.


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