Action Figures; What they mean to me

Sometimes people might ask, why do you waste your money on those things? There are lots of adults out there who do things like collect dolls, action figures, sleep with stuffed animals, and play video games. It gives me huge relief to know I am not the only one. I have about 20 action figures in my room. I don’t regret buying any of them. They are on display on my shelf, and dresser.

People may ask, what do they mean to you? Why do you have them? Now, I don’t really consider myself a collector. I only want my favourites out of each category. I display them, clean the dust off of them, hell I even play with them. I play with them by taking pictures, putting them on my Instagram, and I change their poses. I don’t feel ashamed of doing that now, and I certianly won’t be when I’m over 40.

Each of the figures I own have a special meaning to me where they come from, and I’ll do this by category.

By Transformers, it’s pretty easy to say here why they’re special to me. Optimus, Ironhide and Megatron are my top 3 favourite Transformers of all. They’re all Leader-Class figures, each bought from different source. I’ve never tried to fully convert them into their vehicles, but they look more meaningful to me in robot form. Serving as a reminder that I give them more appreciation and love than Michael Bay ever did. Having them here, reminds me of the first time I was exposed to Transformers, I just ended up reacting “Wow, that’s awesome!” to giant robots transforming and fighting. Now I love them even more now that I’ve got absorbed into games and series that focus more on them, and they’re treated like characters. Optimus being the Transformer I’ve loved for 5 years, Ironhide my 2nd favourite like the brother I never had, and Megatron one of the most badass villains ever on my list.

Bionicle was a big part of my childhood, and having the Toa and Makuta in here just makes me think back of those days. My brother and I playing with them all the time, we would create stories; some totally random. Makuta wasn’t involved in all of them but the Toa, Bohrok and Rahkshi were. I gathered up all the ones I loved when my brother was planning to give them away, and I took them in. As you may notice, I’m missing Pohatu. Apparently when they were getting packed up, he went scattered among the parts and they were never found to put back into the original packaging. I could always look for him online, but if he’s a collector’s item now, he’ll be too expensive. But at least I have Gali, who’s been a sister to me since 2nd grade, and Tahu who I’ve got a thing for at the moment. I used to hate Makuta, but now I love him, another great villain. Having these guys here gives me that nostalgic moment. One time, I posted a picture of him, Megatron and the Didact as a trio and shared it on a Halo forum. Everyone freaked out at the sight of Makuta.

Halo, has been one of my favourite sci-fi series to date. It came into my life when I was in my teen years, and even though the franchise has a very competitive fandom at times, I learned to keep my distance from that. I’m not a competitive gamer, with any game. I play for fun, even if I get killed. Anyway, you know I got into Halo for the story. It was the aliens that fascinated me the most. First the Sangheili, and their place in the Covenant. I think I should read Broken Circle to learn more. Then the Forerunners caught my attention thanks to the lore and terminals, now I’m reading the books. Thel ‘Vadam, Rtas ‘Vadum, and the Didact I’m all smitten for. They are all great characters. Thel is definitely well appreciated throughout the fandom, while I feel Rtas and the Didact are not. So they get a lot of love from me! There’s something about each of them that I like, so having them here makes me feel closer to them.

I know what you’re thinking, why don’t I have a lot of KISS figures? You know how I am with the band KISS! I have considered looking for action figures of the band; either buying all 4 or just one band member (which will most likely be Gene), but right now this cutie is all I’ve got. Plus, I love Hello Kitty as well so…..yeah. I can’t understand people who hate Hello Kitty with KISS; it’s an adorable thing, and my love for KISS is expressed through their music, not their merchandise, even though I would love a few trinkets from them.

Funko Pop figures, I’d say are one of the cutest things going on. There’s one for almost every character that exists! I think I saw some KISS ones once, better get my hands on them! There are lots of people who collect them, and most of those people are adults. Daenerys was my first, followed by Optimus and Grunt. I just like having them because, if you can’t get a figure of a character you like, or at a reasonable price, turn to Funko! They’ll have it.

Here’s my latest add:

All of my Pop figures I found in EB Games and HMV, but Garrus; I had to order him because of his popularity. He sells out quickly so he’s almost never in stock when I come in. I really wanted a more deluxe action figure of him, and I found a Mass Effect 3 version of that, and it looked about the same height as my Didact figure. But the price was a whopping $480, and that’s way over my limit when it comes to action figure shopping at the moment. So I decided I wanted to get this little cutie instead.

So those are all my precious action figures that are all very special to me. There’s no way in hell that’ll make me give them away. When I move out of my parents’ pad one day, I will take them all with me, and get a good display case in my future apartment for them. I’ll still play with them when I want to; pictures and poses! I don’t need a very large collection of action figures, in fact, I’m happy with the current amount that I have. I’m sure everyone who collects these things have a different way of doing it, and I just wanted to say, don’t be ashamed of it. You’re never to old to collect these things and play with them!


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