More Metal Drama

I haven’t written anything about my favourite music genre recently, and I’m sure everyone is wondering where the hell that went? There’s three things that have been on my mind lately in the world of metal and that’s:

1. Half of Megadeth gone. I flipped out when I found out that Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover were leaving Megadeth. Now, Dave and Junior have to find two replacements and hopefully they’re good! It would be awesome if Nick & Marty came back. I would love to see the RIP lineup live! But then again, when these things happen I’m worried I won’t get a chance to ever to see them live. Seeing Megadeth live is still on my bucket list. One time, there was a joke about Ace Frehley and Peter Criss joining them. That, would be a nightmare. You know why? Ace & Peter would probably look for a way to compete with Gene & Paul in KISS. I hate that, you know there’s always constant conflict in the KISS fandom, and I love the band to death, but the fandom sucks more shit than it did before I was born. I shouldn’t have to go into long details about why that is so, I’ve explained it a billion times already, but if you need a reminder, you know where to contact me.

2. KISS in Japan, and now a world tour. Not sure if they’re coming back here this year, but if they do, I so want to be there. Also, I don’t think I have mentioned this yet; I’ve continued to debate with myself whether to buy this sterling silver necklace of Gene’s Axe bass or not. It’s a $300, which is ridiculous. Sterling silver is not THAT expensive. That’s the price of 14K gold jewellery for Primus’s sake! I have the money, I just don’t know if I want to buy it or not. Maybe for my birthday, we’ll see.

3. Finally, I’ve got another concert in August, a few weeks before I go back to college. Motley Crue, and Alice Cooper. Quite the lineup eh? Something to look forward to besides TFCon. I thought Crue would be done by now. How many times are they gonna keep coming back, before they hang it up? I thought for sure they were hanging it up? Alice Cooper, in his 70’s and still kickin’ ass. That’s what I like to see. Anyone who can’t understand, why these bands/artists are still out doing their thing when they’re over 60, are not in shape as much as those musicians are.

I gotta write here more often, there were even a few dreams I’ve been having that were fucking crazy, and I never wrote about them!


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