Running from the Horde

Ever since I started playing Gears of War again for the hell of it, I’ve been dreaming about the grubs again, but not killing them.

I will admit, I have a crush on Marcus Fenix, he’s the only fictional crush I have that is human. But unfortunately, he wasn’t in my dream last night.

Like I said, I dreamt about grubs last night, but I wasn’t killing them.

Wish I was though, considering the fact that they’re all butt-ugly. The only ones that are badass are RAAM, Skorge, and Queen Myrrah (even though there is theory that she’s actually human)

Anyway, in the dream I was in a large hotel. No one suspected the horde of Locust arriving, except that there was a loud rumbling sound outside in the hotel’s parking lot. I looked out the window to see grubholes forming there and the grubs popped out of the ground, like daisies!

I don’t think anyone was aware that they were invading. I suspected Myrrah wanted all humans exterminated so they could take over the surface. Screams were heard on the floors below me, and I had no weapons, so I used my own tactics to survive as the Locust stormed the hotel, and then I would make my escape once they thought they killed or captured everyone and left. I lived inside the closet of my room and hid under a cardboard box whenever I heard the grubs on my floor. They came into my room many times and I still hid under that box.

Then one day, all was quiet. I came out of the closet and the hotel felt empty. The elevator was broken and I ran down the hall towards the stairs, taking my box with me just in case I needed to hide again. The grubs were swarming the place and I ran into them countless times, but they never saw me. In video games, sneaking around is not my speciality; however, I am becoming a better sniper than I was years ago.

I ran down the stairs to the lobby and the Locust literally had the place locked down. I couldn’t get close enough to steal any of their weapons so I went out the back exit, sneaking and sneaking some more; hiding under that box every chance I got until I suddenly bumped into someone.

Turns out it was RAAM, who figured I would come out this way. Perhaps the entire horde had set this up so I would run into him. I knew I was gonna see him in this dream anyway since I played RAAM’s Shadow this week.

He grabbed me and was about to kill me with his blade until I woke up.

Ever since I played that DLC, I’ve been having dreams of being hunted by RAAM and Skorge. Can you imagine those two working together and both answering to Myrrah. They are both extremely ruthless. If only I grabbed a Lancer and killed the grubs until Marcus came to save me. I’m not someone who just waits for the man to rescue me in any dreams I have related to the awesome shiz that I love!


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