Great Characters Gone to Waste

Ever liked a certain fictional character in a book, movie, or video game that you didn’t know much about, but then you found out more about them? But just when you’ve started to like them, you find out that they were thrown in to the story and then thrown out quickly.
You are all of a sudden left wishing, “Gee he/she is such a great character, yet they didn’t get enough screen time, and/or then they were killed off, or taken out just like that, when there is so much more to them that they deserve more attention and parts in the movie/book/video game series!” Been there done that several times.

This suddenly hit me, so here are the following characters that I love but feel like they have been wasted. When I saw a good character has gone to waste, it means that they were put in and taken out too quickly i.e. killed or vanished.

Here are mine:

1. The Didact

 Well surprise surprise, I think you all knew the Didact was gonna make this list, considering the fact that he is my most recent fictional crush. (I think I should make a separate page for all my fictional loves) Anyway, it’s like this, you first take a look at the Didact in the game and it seems like he’s just another new antagonist now that the Prophet of Truth is dead, that you know nothing about. But trust me, once you dig deeper into the lore on the wikis, books, and videos unlocked from finding the terminals in the game’s campaign, you’ll discover there is much more to the Didact than meets the eye. That is what I discovered; his tragic past, his motivations, his unexpected/unusual marriage to the Librarian, and most importantly; what caused him to go from a noble leader in Forerunner military, to a heartless monster who wanted nothing more than to get rid of humanity and why. Once you’ve learned more about him, you can’t help but admit that he is such a great character, and I feel like 343i knows that, but they decided not to treat him like a character that is as important as he should be. Start playing the campaign and there’s a bit of suspense leading up to when you release him, but then after that you don’t see him again until the final mission before he falls into a slipspace portal. We all assumed he was dead, and I was afraid of that since at that point, I was starting to like him. But the Didact wasn’t dead, 343i released a new edition of the Halo Escalation comics. I never read any of them but I saw a few pictures of the Didact appear in the latest edition and he was being his badass self; creaming the hell out of the Spartan fireteam sent after him. And what happens to him in the end? First, he gets a spike through his eye and then it looks like he was composed! You know, like the way he composed those poor scientists on that station. Now, even though they say he was merely contained, but not dead, it feels like that was 343i’s scheme of trying to get rid of the Didact because they didn’t like him. Yet, he’s a great character with lots of development outside the games, he deserved more screen time in the game and the possibility of appearing in the next game. You can’t just take the Didact who has a rich backstory, and throw him into the game like he’s nothing more than a monster who hates humans and then dispose of him as quickly as possible in a comic! Even if you bring him back in future games it won’t be the same because you composed him at the end of Escalation, and now he might come back as a robot. Why won’t that be the same if that happens? Well think about it, he was the first living and breathing Forerunner to appear in the series! That marks a serious event for those who have been waiting to learn about the Forerunners, and when it comes to the lore, I’m focused on the Sangheili and the Forerunners.

2. Nicodemus

The wise and mystical leader of the rats in The Secret of NIMH. Nicodemus was one of those characters in this movie who I thought was very intriguing. He clearly saw potential in Mrs. Brisby when he was watching her in his crystal ball, and at the beginning of the movie he said he wanted to help her, since her deceased husband was a friend of his. He reveals the story of how the other rats, including himself were experimented on, at the hands of the people at NIMH. They were made intelligent, up to that moment when Nicodemus is one of the first to escape his cage one night. Now because of that, the rats have to live like humans, but they’re stealing electricity which they really regret. What I really liked about Nicodemus was that he wanted the rats to move to Thorn Valley and live independently; I don’t know if that means they are going to live like regular rats or make their own electricity from scratch. But nevertheless, it seemed like a good plan, because well…..stealing is wrong. I believe that Nicodemus got reasonable amount of screen time for being the old and wise one, but his death truly left me scarred. It was so sudden and too soon. Why is it that characters that are old and wise always die? If he was still alive, I’d want him to do something about watching over the Brisby family, just in case something else threatens their safety besides a tractor plowing a field, or if that can’t be done, at least resurrect him please?

3. Rtas ‘Vadum 

I’m not sure how Rtas made it on this list because it’s not like he was killed or vanished. But another way of wasting a character is giving him a really small role even if you don’t kill him, or decide some other major thing with his fate. In the comics it is revealed that he lost his left mandibles in a fight with his second on command who became infected by the Flood. His role was slightly bigger in Halo 2 than Halo 3. But due to how badass he is, and an excellent leader, I think he deserves to have some more screen time. To balance out the game, you don’t get to fight alongside of him very often because he can’t die in the game. Makes sense, but he doesn’t do much throughout the series. In Halo 2 you meet him for the first time, fight by his side for a few minutes in a few missions and then you take off on your own. Then at the end of the 2nd game, he says he’s going to take the cruiser back, but other than that, we never find out how he became part of the truce with humanity. In Halo 3 he commands his own ship and then gives it to Thel ‘Vadam in the end. After that, no one knows what’s going to happen to him next. His backstory I am still piecing together but I feel like he should appear more often.

4. Naga

The antagonist of the first season of the Bakugan anime series. Naga and his twin sister Wyvern were born when their world Vestroia’s two cores split into two, and the single world divided into six separate worlds. Naga and his sister obviously did not fit in any of the six worlds so they were left in the center. But knowing Naga, (and I know him quite well) he wanted Vestroia to be the way he wanted so he merged himself with the Silent Core; source of all negative energy and Vestroia began to collapse slowly. Through more than half of the season he is trapped in the Silent Core and doesn’t get much screen time unless his underlings visit him, or there’s a flashback. Later on you see him in the Silent Core again only this time he’s moving around inside it, starting to gain control. I literally freaked out when he broke free of the Silent Core, absorbing all its power and gaining his new badass form with the Silent Core on his chest. So towards the end of the series it got better because he was in almost every episode, but I felt like his death was too quick and sudden. I don’t know who the new villain is for the remaining seasons in this series, but I doubt he/she was as tough and as badass as Naga ever was. If they were going to kill him off, I wish it happened differently, because I found that sudden explosion to be a little too…..I don’t know, I just didn’t like it. It’s like, I started to like him as a villain even more when he fully absorbed the Silent Core’s power, and he lasted a few episodes and those few episodes were magical; exactly what I was waiting for, and they went by too quickly.

5. Khal Drogo

What do you expect from a writer like George R.R. Martin. Sure, yes I think he’s a good writer, and he’s trying to portray the Middle Ages as they really were; rape, torture, death, not many rights for women, and a whole lot of gore and sword fights. Drogo proved to be one of the first badasses to enter the series along with the Hound. As soon as Daenerys learned to speak Dothraki and tame him, he proved to be a good lover and husband. In the show, I’ll never forget that first kiss they had; sadly it wasn’t in the books (and frankly I got tired of reading paragraphs like “he thrust himself inside her, three quick strokes and it was done” or “his hand stroked her sex, opened her and woke that sweet wetness that was his alone. Then he entered her and filled her with his seed”, makes me question Martin a lot.) Anyway, once the love between him and Dany had blossomed, he was not only a good lover, but a protector and a tough motherfucker, especially when he spoke the Common Tongue a few times and then killed Dany’s asshole brother Viserys. He got reasonable amount of screen time, which I say it that way because we have to cycle through several characters anyway. But his death was too sad and romance doesn’t last in this series unfortunately. I think he was killed off to quickly for it to be only one season, but then again, Dany would have never got her dragons if he was still alive.

6. General Grievous

Grievous was never really wasted as a good character in the Clone Wars series, thank the Mantle. But in the movies? Yes he was, and in fact, just like with the Didact, I was first introduced to him in the mainstream source. He’s been one of my favourite villains since I was 12 and he still continues to be on that list. He’s a badass unique villain with his own way of fighting. He may be a coward at times, but whenever he goes in to battle, it’s the one thing that makes him unleash that awesomeness he’s got, and as soon as he removes that cape and ignites 2-4 lightsabers, I can’t turn away. The problem is that in the movie, he was portrayed well, but he didn’t last, only for half of the film. I know Revenge of the Sith is based on Anakin’s downfall to the dark side, but still I felt like Grievous came and went too quickly. His fight with Obi-Wan escalated quickly when he is disarmed of two out of his four lightsabers, and the chase through the tunnels to the brawl, they just go by so quickly. It’s as if he was meant to be killed as quickly as possible to get to the main focus of the film. I was quite disappointed about this back when I first became obsessed with Grievous, but never expressed it until now. I love seeing him in the movies, but still I wish that he could have had lasted longer before getting destroyed.


7. Jazz

Last but not least, I wanted to pick someone from the Bay Tranformers series, and quite a few characters I felt were thrown away too quickly, but if I had to choose one, Jazz wins. I really liked his personality, he was so laid back and all. I kind of liked the car he turned into as well. “What’s crackin’ lil bitches?” He was laid-back but still a good soldier, and what did he get? Torn in half by Megatron when he tried to take him on alone, which was a bad idea. But we know Bay, he likes to blow shit up, kill all the good characters, rip em’ apart much to the dismay of fans like myself. I mean, the designs in the movie are cool, but due to the large number of moving parts, they are easily breakable. We barely got to know Jazz before he was killed in the movie, especially if you still have yet to learn about him outside the movies which was the position I was in, before I started watching the G1 and TFP.

So that’s my spiel on characters that I like but felt like they were wasted as characters in the franchises they come from; whether they were killed, looking like they died but aren’t dead, they rarely or had almost no screen time at all, all of the above or two out of the three. It’s sad how you grow attached to a character and feel like something could have been done to improve their role in the story, but the only way we can do that is by writing fanfiction and using our imaginations. Good thing that’s what I do!


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