European Metal Night

Vacation was my ally, but now it has abandoned me. This Forerunner has returned…..

That’s right. I’m back from Cuba. I’ve got a ton of things to write about. A book trilogy to review, a few other things in mind also still to be determined but first, I think I’m gonna start with the concert I went to the day before I went on vacation.

Nightwish and Sabaton with Delain as the opening act.

It was at the Phoenix Theater, same place I saw Ghost at last year. (I should probably write a memento about that too) My friend and I as usual we socialized with people in line until we had to be separated due to different ticket company purchase websites which was absolutely stupid. We were supposed to be inside the venue by 7 but I wasn’t inside until 7:30.

I got myself a nice Nightwish patch and shirt and by the time we got to the stage it was already packed and Delain was already on.

 The guitarist looked at us just as we were getting in the mood of the music. Then we made our way to the back near the bar, because I don’t wanna be in another pit for quite a while after what happened when I saw GWAR. I didn’t really stay in one spot though! It was “Army of Dolls” that I liked to hear by this band the most. There’s always something about the melody that got my attention so I just listened from then.

After Delain came Sabaton and I didn’t know much about them, but I have friends who like them. When I have friends who like a band, I get the urge to check them out too. But sometimes I get distracted and don’t do so until I remind myself, or the band ends up touring with a band I am going to see live.

Sabaton got me moving alright, I was listening and they sounded amazing. The singer was hilarious when he talked between songs. It always pleases me when bands interact like that. The tipping point came when the band played the song “Carolus Rex” and I don’t know what just happened, but the moment I heard it, it sounded so fucking epic it had me jumping literally. I had to look up the name of the song, At first I thought it had something to do with sky until I narrowed down my search. If you like a song but don’t know the name, try to find the setlist or look up the most used word in the song plus add the band name to it. Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you don’t. But Sabaton gained me as a fan after that song and the songs that followed it. If I had brought more money, I would have bought some of their merch at the venue too.

And so Nightwish came at last.

It looks like they used the same lighting they used the last time I saw them. Floor Jansen was so beautiful, especially when she headbangs. Gentlemen, if you think a slut who shakes her booty is hotter than a metal chick, then you have not attained the Mantle. (I need to stop making Forerunner references in a heavy metal post!) Marco, is cute as usual and I have a bit of a weakness for his voice as well. I have listened to the new album and I don’t know the songs by heart but so far I’ve been turned on from what I’ve heard. Maybe I should listen again and write a review. I sang along to “Amaranth”, “Storytime” and “Ever Dream” those are favourites of mine. I think Floor sings them well even Ever Dream which was originally sang by Tarja, and you know the Nightwish fandom; it’s completely divided based on the vocalist, some being who only accepted Tarja, while others are willing to move forward.

But they put on a great show, and if they played “Meadows of Heaven” I would sing that as loud as possible, and a great comeback for my 2nd time seeing them.

Well that’s it for now, and I have a few others things I gotta pass from my brain to this blog.


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