Sunday Thoughts

Good morning, or good afternoon sentient and primitive beings in the galaxy.

I don’t know what I’m doing on a lazy Sunday like today, so I’ve been sitting here thinking about shit to write. But I’ve got a few things in mind really.

Jul ‘Mdama will be coming home to my shelf ETA Wednesday. I don’t want my collection to be too large though, because I want it to be easily packable and moveable when I decide it’s time for me to leave the nest and get my own pad. I plan on taking all my action figures with me and getting a curio or a good shelf to display them in in my future apartment. My stuffed animals; I don’t think I’m taking all of them with me, just the ones I love the most and they’re going on my bed, I don’t care what anyone says. I think about this way too early when in reality I’m not moving yet. Not for a while since I’m going back to school for another two years starting this September, and even by the time I graduate, I’m still not moving until I secure a job so who knows when the time’ll come? 

But anyway, I thought about bringing Jul home because he’s actually a cool character, and my Didact figure could use his hand. Get it?

Yes, I’ve also been watching the new season of Game of Thrones and so I like the way things have headed. I seem a bit pleased so far because it’s almost as if they granted my wish for them to keep the rape and nudity to a minimum, but that could change and if it goes overboard again, I won’t be happy. But last week’s episode was epic, especially the end, Dany sees that Drogon came to see her briefly. It’s like he says “I love you mommy but I want to do my own thing now.”

I am feeling better this morning, as last night I had some drama to deal with regarding what people call baneposting. On a forum I visit, a lot of people are obsessed with those memes and they’re hard to ignore, sometimes I felt like they were being shoved down my throat. I was going to rant how much it irritates me on a separate post, but then I realized there’s no need after talking to others about this. I felt out of place in my caste in that forum so I almost requested a transfer, even though the caste I am currently in is the one I wanted to be in in the first place. I’m a Warrior-Servant on that forum, and most of the people in that caste are meme shitposters and I’m not, I’m more social and serious. Should my rank ever change on that forum to Lifeworker or whatever, that’s fine. After all, it’ll only be my title on that forum. Everywhere else on the Internet and in my heart, I will always be a Warrior-Servant and no one can change it. I’ll just be one in my heart in my own way to honor the Didact.

That’s it for now, I guess I won’t do that rant after all. But I still would like to know why on Earth people find that scene funny. I’ve asked people, but no one ever gives me a reasonable answer why.


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