Sunny Days with the Didact’s Hand

Finally, this is the spring weather I’ve been asking for! I couldn’t be more happier.

Today was pretty much a stay at home day so I found the remaining hidden plushies in Halo 2 Anniversary (one achievement for each) to get the Toybox achievement, got a bit of exercise in and some reading to, Gone with the Wind is really long but I’m halfway done it due to having tons of time to catch up on it while in Cuba. Anyway, I’m feeling that a nice beautiful day like this made me feel better, especially after yesterday’s not only gloomy overcast weather, but I had some Internet forum drama going on. I was going to rant about it here, but then at the end of the day I realized it wasn’t worth it.

Jul ‘Mdama was expected to arrive home by tomorrow evening, but just while my dad was getting in the door, someone was right behind him with a package. I took it and wow Jul’s home early!

Welcome home Jul Mdama! I put him right beside the Didact because that’s where he belongs, and Thel & Rtas are there as well. I have 19 figures in my room right now (including 4 Funko Pop ones, which I chose really wisely because you know me, I prefer to have only figures of characters I really like) and as I look at those numbers I’m thinking that I’m going to take a break from here because I don’t want my action figures to overflow my room. Like I said; smaller collection means easier to pack and take with me when I get my own place one day.

Anyway, Jul’s a cool figure just as I expected. I wasn’t crazy about him at first but I like him now. Most of the Sangheili from Halo 4 and on, I was not turned on to except him now. Sangheili is still in my blood, and always will be. I have yet to learn more about Jul but when I first knew him, I saw him as leading a different Covenant faction unlike the last one humanity had a truce with. So, there’s probably way more to it. All I know is that he and Thel probably don’t get along! But I think it’s time to dig a little into the lore to learn more about him! One thing I’d really like to know is what made him worship the Didact, because all I know is he was the one who called out “Didact!” when the Didact emerged from his Cryptum.

One memorable moment with him is this:

The only time he speaks English. Learn how to pronounce your P’s Jul! But that’s a good start.

Anyway, I think I’ll try to take a photo of him with the Didact later. Watch my Instagram for it!

“I know what the Librarian will say, Glassman. She will tell us where all things sacred are hidden in this galaxy. Ships, weapons, bounties beyond our imagining. And she will tell us how to make those miracles… our own”


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