GoT Season 5 The Top Turn-Offs & Turn-Ons

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones for months now to catch up on the series, there have been many things I wish could have been better. Good and bad things, yes. There’s more bad things than good in this case but I will try to mention every epic and not so great moment there is, no matter how many there were of each, and of course my thoughts.

Best moments:

1. Drogon reappears

Ever since the end of season 4, I wanted to know where Drogon went. Dany managed to catch Viserion and Rhaegal before they could do any more damage to the people living in Mereen, or elsewhere in Slaver’s Bay. But Drogon, he was my favourite out of Dany’s dragons because he was the most aggressive and rebelled the most at this stage. He has proven to be defiant at times, and Dany’s first appearance in the last season proves it. But eventually we find out that he is still loyal to her. It’s as if this scene provides her some relief to know that he is still out there after she avoids a riot.

2. Battle at Hardhome

This moment had us all on the edge of our seats. Some of us were upset that one wildling we hoped would have a major role….was killed, and many of us were hoping Jon and the giant survived. Jon, being one of the hottest characters in the show I got his back as much as I have Dany’s. (more on that later) and when he faces off against a White Walker, I really hoped that he would make it out alive. These battles, you don’t know how they will end because of how intense they are, but eventually Jon prevails. That epic moment when the Night’s King raises the dead to wights. It doesn’t take long for people to become Night’s King fanatics and make memes of him raising his arms like that. Truly a warning to indicate that winter is finally just around the corner. But once question I have been left with is, when that blizzard started to come; it means White Walkers are coming. What happened to the wildings that didn’t get through the gate in time? A lot of them didn’t make it so if there were only three or four White Walkers, plus the Night’s King how they they murder all those wildlings so quickly to turn them into wights?

3. Dany rides Drogon

If you’re a Dany supporter like me, then you will love this scene regardless of how it was done. It seemed so sudden for the Sons of the Harpy to pop out all over the place and start killing people, but who cares when you’ve got Drogon arriving to save the day! People who don’t like Dany, or have very serious views on scenes like this, never liked it. But if you love Dany, then it doesn’t matter. I’ve waited a long time to see something like this. Remember back when Drogon used to ride on her shoulder back when he was just a hatchling? Now look at them together! I was on the edge of my seat again, hoping that Drogon wouldn’t take too many spears before Dany mounted him. I once ranted about how these dragons don’t get enough screen time, nor does Dany use them much. But maybe now, she finally will start to. It seems that Drogon showed up at just the right time, when all seemed lost.

4. Stannis Baratheon’s “death”

I’ve always hated Stannis, and there’s a lot to it. He’s power hungry, grumpy, ruthless, lacks compassion (which I believe a good king or queen requires to be a good ruler of Westeros) and is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to get what is his by rights apparently. He has a large following in the GoT fandom as many of you may already know, but I never liked him. For some reason he just never grew on me. But by the end of this season, he has nothing left in his life due to how power hungry he has become. That moment when Brienne finds him and vows to avenge Renly, I assume he is dead now. But is he really dead? We never saw Brienne’s sword pierce his flesh, so that’s the question that remains. Just like the time Arya leaves Sandor Clegane to die, we don’t know if he’s dead either. Yes, I support Daenerys. She may be inexperienced but she has more compassion than Stannis, and I believe she can learn. Anyway, if this guy’s dead….then good riddance, his character really fell apart this season and I like him better in the books. The battle between his men and the Bolton’s was rushed, and I assume people are complaining about that, but there’s a lot of ground to cover in 60 minutes and if they didn’t rush the battle, it would probably take up the whole episode. But still, if he’s dead, I’m happy.

5. Cersai’s naked walk

Cersei’s one of the most notorious people in Westeros for being a brotherfucker, generally an evil woman, and so on. She’s always been a bad bitch. It seems that she’s not so evil anymore after Joffery’s death, but we know her she’s been known to do a lot of bad things. Apparently in these times, incest relationships were considered sins. So would I say that what happened here was what she deserved? Some say it was overdone, and it kind of was. The High Septon never got pelted when he had to walk naked through the city. It seems that once Cersai was put in prison, she was trying redeem herself. But I’ve always disliked her, so maybe she did deserve this. Hopefully she owns up to what she’s done.

Worst moments:

1. Ser Barristan’s death

There were quite a few unnecessary deaths in this season that never happened in the books according to my mother, and this happens to be one of them. When the Sons of the Harpy really started to make their presence known in Mereen, that’s when things really started to get out of control like, wait a minute this never happened! Why are they changing it, like this so much? They must be running out of ideas, and when that happens, they kill a character that originally never died. Ser Barristan is one of the most badass knights there is in Westeros; well maybe not the only one, because there’s a lot of other knights I like in this series. He fought bravely and I wish they kept him walking alive out of this. Grey Worm managed to survive with critical injuries, but not Ser Barristan. I’m not caught up on the books, but my mom told me that he never died so what is going on here? I actually liked him!

2. Sansa gets raped

This moment was extremely shocking, and just about every rape scene in this show has disgusted me, but this has been the worst. I used to dislike Sansa when the show first started, mainly because I liked Arya right away and I didn’t like the way Sansa treated her. Then there was the time when she was blinded by Joffrey’s behavior until he ordered Eddard’s execution. After that, I started to feel bad for her because she’s always been in a vulnerable position, and unfortunately she’s one of those weak characters that grinds my gears in TV and movies. But she’s been through far worse than what I’ve seen from Hollywood, so it’s no wonder I feel bad for her. By the time Littlefinger told her to avenge her family, I was hoping that by now she would become a stronger character but after witnessing this, it was clear she still hasn’t become that. Now everyone thinks that Ramsay is as monstrous as Joffrey after this. It seemed like Ramsay going to be kind, but he wasn’t. Instead he fucking rapes her in front of Theon, who has no cock anymore. This appalled me. No one in this show loses their virginity from a positive experience do they? Apparently, someone even made a petition to cancel this show after seeing this scene because she claims to be a rape survivor. I understand there’s a lot of rape at times, because the Middle Ages had a lot of that, but it was still overdone, especially in previous seasons. This is another event that didn’t happen in the books. I really wanted Sansa to become stronger, not raped. Rape may be common during that time, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept it or like it.

3. Shireen’s sacrifice

Another event that had me extremely upset as much as Sansa getting raped. Stannis’s fandom is clearly going to suffer after this happened. Really Stannis? You should have some dignity by now to know that sacrificing family, for the sake of having the power to rule Westeros in the future is a sign that you are cruel, cold and don’t care about others. Burning people alive because of a belief to give to a fire God is definitely ruthless. If someone has to be sacrificed, I’d rather it be quick and painless. But a child is another thing. In this season, there were signs that Stannis was close to rebuilding his bond with his daughter Shireen, but Melisandre and her delusions had to come between it, and sadly, Stannis still has his head up that priestess’s vagina. So I don’t know who’s to blame here: Stannis, or Melisandre? She’s the one who has influence over Stannis that without her, he’d be nothing, but then again, he’s once again a power hungry arse who will give away anything. All the more reason to despise him after this scene.

4. Jon’s betrayal

How many of you ladies were crying when you saw this. I had tears in my eyes! Yes, I know, Jon thought it was best to move the wildlings South to avoid what’s coming with winter. Yet the rest of the Night’s Watch disapproves, especially Olly. This was even worse than Ser Barristan’s death! What are you writers doing?! My mom says something like this happens, but in the books there’s no confirmation that he’s dead, so to speak, GRRM may have hints being dropped that he could come back. Resurrection is possible, done either by White Walkers or people who worship the Lord of Light. If priests of R’hllor can do that, then I’m wondering why Melisandre left Stannis and returned to Castle Black. If she can receive resurrection powers from the Lord of Light then I hope she uses it on Jon. So there’s the Lord of Light and the Great Other (ice). Hence the song of ice and fire concept in one way (another way could be dragons vs. White Walkers) there’s possibility that either Jon or Stannis could be Azor Ahai (and I had to dig a bit into the lore to figure out what that was) and I’m hoping Jon is that. Regardless, this scene still left me devastated. Jon has always been my favourite male character in the series, I mean look at him, he’s really cute and he’s brave and strong, etc. He’s one of those characters that will make the world of Westeros and beyond, incomplete. Same for Dany. The writers say he’s dead, but GRRM like I said, says he may or may not. I’m going to listen to the author of the books; the more reliable source for information. Until then, I will be grieving about this for a while.

So to say, it seems that this season is completely different from the books, with a few similar events, and some things that were just thrown in. It’s almost as if they’re trying to kill everyone with every chance they get. The hard thing about being a fan of this universe is, it’s hard to get attached to a character because he/she will die at some point. If they’re lucky, they will survive through all the seasons that have past, including this one. So far, Daenerys is still around and thank the Mantle she is. But if they kill one of her dragons, I will lose faith.

So will I watch the next season even though this one seemed to have more bad stuff happen than good? Sure, why not? That’s what fans should do. Will I finish the books? Of course, I’m on the third one right now, and I’m trying to slow down in reading them because if I read too much, I forget important parts. So maybe one chapter a day, or half a chapter depending on length, we’ll see. Just so it doesn’t tire my brain.

Now I have to wait until next year.


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