Halo 5 Guardians: Another Spartan Fans Only Game

You know I’m looking forward to Halo 5 Guardians and so are millions of other people who still have kept the faith after what happened with MCC.

It comes out on October 27th, my calendar’s marked, and my wallet is ready. I don’t know how much I’ll be playing it since I’m going back to college in September; my work ethic is really good so I can find my way around it to play when I can.

However, after what I’ve seen in gaming news, this looks like another UNSC focused game. Sure, I’m pretty darn excited to learn what these guardians are and hoping the Arbiter returns after seeing that cutscene at the beginning of H2A; however I do not like the fact that once again 343i is pissing on those who love the Sangheili and maybe other species too.

Lately, Halo is starting to attract those who are big fans of anything military; and a futuristic perspective of it most likely too since this is nearly 500 years later.

But when it comes to Halo, my main interest is the aliens, their stories, and casual multiplayer with some alien adds to it. Remember the good old days when you could choose to be a Spartan or an Elite? Those were the days, until Reach was released and gave Elite players limited opportunities to play as their favourite splitjaw aliens, and then Halo 4 eliminated it completely.

That really pissed me off, and it looks like 343i STILL doesn’t want to bring it back for the next game. What’s the matter? Do you hate aliens?

Sure as hell sounds like they do.

I got some interest back when I saw images from the E3 conference containing Prometheans; including a new Promethean soldier, and Warden Eternal, who I first thought was the Didact in digital form when I saw only his shadow but it was confirmed that it wasn’t him. I’m actually glad it’s not the Didact, I’d rather not see him composed.

So it seems that the aliens will be making an interesting comeback in the lore part. But gameplay, unfortunately they will not. It really grinds my gears. I’m still going to buy this game, but for once I would like to play as the badass splitjaw I once was.

Humanity’s overrated in Halo anyway, I don’t give a shit about the UNSC, ONI, or anything post war. The only thing I care about from humanity in the Halo universe is Master Chief.

Also what the hell happened with that cutscene we saw at the beginning of H2A, is the Arbiter coming back or not? I wish he was, so we at least see one face that made me a Halo fan in the first place.

Oh, and if I can’t be a Sangheili (I will find who’s idea it was to not implement the Sangheili, and I will destroy them!) then I want Olympia Vale’s armor because it looks badass, more fitting for a female Spartan, and it looks alien-ish. I hope it’s not too hard to unlock in the game.

The good thing we get out of things like Forerunners and Sangheili are books and terminals. When I finish the ASOIAF series I plan on reading Broken Circle, Hunters in the Dark, and Shadow of Intent. I’ll have to read the Forerunner trilogy again because I loved it so much and it is my favourite trilogy in the Halo universe. But when it comes to gaming, it’s all about Spartans, Spartans, Spartans and more Spartans! I now can’t stand Spartans to be honest……except Chief of course. Like I said, he’s the only human I care about in the franchise.

I feel like 343i is acknowledging us when it comes to the books but not with the games. Do you know why I want playable Sangheili back so badly? The Sangheili brought me in to Halo. I played Halo 3 co-op campaign with my brother and got quickly attached to the Arbiter and his brothers, and Bob’s your uncle, I was an alien lover. It would be nice to have that option again.

Wait, it gets worse! It has been announced that we will be visiting Sanghelios in the H5 campaign, but it doesn’t feel like Sanghelios unless I’m playing as a Sangheili! Some may argue that isn’t visiting Sangheili enough? Not if you have been begging for nearly 3 years to play the splitjaws again. You know I also wished I could play as a Promethean when we were on Requiem but they didn’t give that to me either.

Right now I’ve lost faith, I’m sorry 343i; you ruined the Didact as a character, you took away playable Sangheili and you’ve made Halo too human military focused. I’m still going to get the game for the story and to do a bit of multiplayer but that doesn’t mean I’m going to forgive you for what you have done.


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