Story of the Emi-Didact

The Emi-Didact is my latest fantasy in the Halo Universe, and it goes differently than the fanfiction I’m writing right now.

The Emi-Didact:

Unlike most Forerunners, the Emi-Didact is a Forerunner-human hybrid. She has the body of a human (most noticeably is her face is still human) but wears Forerunner armor, has the life span of a Forerunners, and is eternally young like the Librarian. However, unlike most Forerunners, it takes her longer to learn the basic things Forerunners can do such as access the Domain. Her power is unknown, but some say she may have telekinesis like the Ur-Didact whose imprint transformed her.

But she was not born as a Forerunner, she was born as the human girl Emily whose parents were both in the UNSC military. She never enlisted in the military, and her parents were both killed in action during the human-Covenant War.

Emily was adopted by her guardians who were both scientists and they served on the UNSC vessel Infinity until it was pulled into the Forerunner shield world Requiem years later. After crash-landing on the planet, Emily, who was lacking freedom upon the ship, became curious of the Forerunners and escaped the frigate while it was still grounded and was under attack by the Covenant Remnant.

She wandered into the jungles of Requiem and took shelter in a Forerunner structure but was discovered by the robotic inhabitants of the planet: the Prometheans. From there, Emily was brought before the large Cryptum and captured by the Didact, known as the Ur-Didact by the Forerunners as he had mutated on another Forerunner named Bornstellar, who became a duplicate.

The Didact treated Emily less like a prisoner and more like an ally once he found out that she was seeking to learn about him, and his people. The Didact had her as his hostage because in order to defeat humanity to become part of his army, he knew humanity would resist him, so he needed to understand how humans could think and behave so he could hit them the hardest. Emily assisted him in his plans, and gradually fell in love with him as to the way he treated her with more kindness than she expected.

She gained the Didact’s trust upon locating the Composer for him, and helped him obtain it, despite her still existing loyalty to her own race.

En route to Earth, she confessed her love for the Didact, which at first he rebuffed believing he could never love again after being imprisoned by his previous wife. The Didact feared that if he were pursued by any human resistance around, he wanted someone to continue his work should he ever be captured or killed.

The Didact performed brevet mutation on Emily, just like he did on Bornstellar in a dark star lit chamber, with the usage of spherules containing the Didact’s genetic imprint were connected and stored inside her. The process was painful and took longer due to species difference but was eventually successful once the spherules carried out the order.

While recovering from the mutation, the Didact reciprocated Emily’s feelings and they spent one last moment together before arriving at Earth.

It is not known what has come of them during the time the Master Chief pursued the ship, but upon learning that he had infiltrated the ship. The Didact kissed Emily goodbye and sent her on a Forerunner gunship to a safer system. The Didact’s ship was destroyed but the Ur-Didact himself was not found within the wreckage. That was the last she ever saw of him.

Over time, the Didact’s imprint began to instruct her as she fled and met up with his Promethean army on another shield world. Emily spent her time in isolation and the Prometheans; now hers, recovered the wreckage of Mantle’s Approach and the ship itself was rebuilt with more powerful weapons, shields and armor. The Didact’s imprint took over her as the years passed as she rebuilt Mantle’s Approach and began to unite the Prometheans.

Normally a brevet mutation would take days rather than years to complete the transformation, but instead due to species difference, the process took much longer.

In the year 2566, the Didact’s genetic imprint had transformed Emily into a Forerunner-human hybrid, her personality similar to the Didact’s nobility but she was not as insane as he was. Some say, that she is more like the Didact before his encounter with the Gravemind. Her new Prometheans outfitted her armor similar to the armor the Didact wore after the failed experiments only more feminine in shape and style. She became known as the Ur-Didact’s 3rd incarnation: the Emi-Didact.

As the new Didact, the Emi-Didact commands all Promethean forces in the galaxy on the new Mantle’s Approach leading a fleet of other Forerunner ships which she built also during her time as the original’s Didact’s imprint was still building up inside her.

The Emi-Didact’s mission is to find and rescue the Ur-Didact, and protect the galaxy from the Flood if it ever returns. However, she may have access to the Composer, but does not use it unless necessary. Her views on humanity are just the same as the Ur-Didact’s only at the same time she does not wish to fight them. Instead she simply offers peace, and only fights if humanity makes the choice to not relent.

Up to this day, the Emi-Didact continues to search the galaxy for her original, and protect the galaxy from all threats. She has recently discovered and allied with Warden Eternal, the keeper of the Domain. Warden has been named her second on command and she has given him the responsibility of raising the Guardians when the time is right.


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