Fighting the General in my Dreams

Ever since I became a Star Wars fan when I was 6, I dreamed of being a Jedi Knight, and I still do. (there are so many rules you have to follow, and oaths you have to take which sucks, but I guess I could be like Anakin a little bit, you know, bend the rules a little, but I would never turn to the dark side)

But come 7th grade, I was 12 years old, I had suddenly out of nowhere developed an obsession. I have actually written about this before when I was doing my reviews of all 6 Star Wars movies last summer. It was so sudden, and I think what triggered it was when I first saw General Grievous on screen, and I was like “Holy shit this guy is cool” once he removed his cape, and wielded four lightsabers at once (sure the fight could have been longer but still). I was enchanted in a way, I started doodling pictures of myself fighting Grievous later on;

(you can’t deny the fact that he’s a badass villain), those drawings are in a bunch of old sketch books, and drawings on paper that I pasted in to some of the extra sketchbooks my Grandma gave me. I have literally filled entire sketchbooks with whole comic stories of him having an evil scheme, and I have to stop him. Sometimes he gets help along with other random villains I made up. They’re pretty badly written, sometimes too long, and not drawn as well! Hahahaha! But that’s what you expect from my skills back when I was 13 or 15 years old.

But I assure you, if I were to draw or write a story of myself stopping Grievous again it would most likely be written much better now, and drawn better too. I’m actually going to draw myself taking on him again sometime this year, and it’ll definitely be drawn with better detail, AND more accurately, because when I used to draw him, I made him so flat, and weird looking. My drawings were…really flat back then.

I was so obsessed it was all I could think about, but surprisingly I never spoke about it whenever I was at summer camp. I would go to bed every night hoping I would have a dream of encountering him. Whenever I dreamt about him, I imagined him hooking himself up to a device to enter other people’s dreams, he would call it a dream invader. But I didn’t battle him in all those dreams, and those dreams were rare. But I do remember one of them pretty well so…….

This dream started off with me playing some kind of mini-golf in a large indoor park, until suddenly battle droids attacked the place. I ran for the nearest exit which turned out to be a slide down a dark tunnel. The droids came after me, but I slid down a separate tunnel to escape them. I slid into an open space, and then down into a dark hole, which took me down to the very bottom and out into a forest by a dark lake.

Turns out this mini-golf place was inside a mountain. I knew that those droids belonged to Grievous and he had to be somewhere so I decided to find out what he was up to. In these dreams, I was a Jedi, but at times I didn’t always have access to my lightsaber which sucks.

I made my way through that forest and spotted many of the droids patrolling the area. I knew they were looking for me. I kept myself hidden in the bushes, moving slowly and quietly as possible.

I came to a large white structure that looked like a castle that was heavily guarded with super battle droids up front. I peered through the bushes; sneaking around isn’t my strong suit okay? I made a distraction to get past the droids guarding the entrance and slipped inside. The place was like a white castle, and I was surprised that Grievous would set up a place here, I wanted to see what he was up to, weapon or no weapon to defend myself, still, I wanted to know.

Inside, the white castle was like a palace with many posts holding the place up, it almost reminded me of the Jedi temple, only with no colour to it except white, I made my way down several hallways undetected until I saw a bigger group of super battle droids were patrolling a wide open round space with a glass ceiling. I couldn’t sneak around them and they spotted me. I ran down the nearest hall, hoping to lose them but they flanked me. I was surrounded and pushed back into the open round space. I surrendered and then that’s when the big cheese showed up.

General Grievous came through the crowd of droids.

“We meet again Emily,” He snarled.

He would always call me little, or say I’m such a child because these dreams took place back when I was 12-14 years old.

I shrugged off his insults so he just coughed and then he laughed,

“So powerless without a weapon to protect you, but I can’t tell you what my scheme is.” He said, and then he ordered his droids to take me to the prison cells down below.

Those cells turned out to be nothing but boxes with glass doors to get in and out. At this point of the dream, I remember finally getting a green lightsaber to cut free, but I can’t remember how I found it. I know I was sitting in my cell, thinking about how I would escape and stop Grievous…..whatever he was doing. Then I heard a voice telling me to not give up, escape, and that Grievous would be waiting for me on the glass balcony.

I don’t know whose voice it was but I imagined it being Yoda’s perhaps, since he was my mentor in my Jedi fantasy, even though the master that trained me was Luminara Unduli. But I got my confidence back and then at my belt was my lightsaber……yes I know, out of random but I can’t remember how I got it. So I used it to cut my way out of the cell and proceeded to confront Grievous.

As I proceeded through the building, I killed a large amount of Grievous’s battle droids using my own tactics. I don’t do flips, I mostly do spins and other forms of defense and offense with a lightsaber, and I can’t remember most of them. They’re in my brain some where.

Eventually, I came to the top level of the structure and found Grievous on the glass balcony. He laughed and said.

“You impress me young one, but are you foolish enough to take me alone?”

I wanted to rebuff that question because I have taken him on alone before, not as tough as it seems. So I said,

“Enough talk, I’ve been waiting for this!”

I drew my lightsaber, and he removed his cape, ignited two lightsabers and we clashed. The fight was fast paced for most of the time where I would jump over him, or slide between his legs whenever he lunged an attack at me with both lightsabers he had that I wasn’t ready to block with my own. Whenever I fought him in my dreams, or in my stories. It was always like this, and one wrong move would often cause him to knock me out.

He was fast, and so was I, so it was often a fair fight. In most of these battles in my fantasy, he would either fight me with two lightsabers or split both his arms into two so he could duel with four. Those battles were even more intense, where it would often start with him walking towards me while spinning all four lightsabers in front of him. Familiar? Oh I think so!

Anyway, after an intense duel, he caught me off guard when he disarmed me by kicking me to the edge of the balcony when I tried to block his attack and my weapon fell over the edge. Then he came closer to me, but instead of finishing me off he said:

“You lose puny Emily!”

Then he plunged both his lightsabers into the glass floor and quickly made his exit into the building. I got up, and started to run quickly to the doorway, but the glass gave in fast and shattered. I fell to whatever was below. Can’t remember if it was water, lava or nothingness, and then that was when I woke up.

That’s definitely the only dream that I remember having about Grievous, let alone, the only dream I remember where I fought him. I haven’t dreamt about him in years. He’s a fictional character that I love, but not in a romantic way. My friends and family still claim that I have a crush on him…..I don’t mind the teasing, in fact I find it funny. But he holds a special place in my heart just like all my regular fictional crushes have.

Maybe he is a fictional crush of mine, but not like the rest of them are. In my imagination, he and I are enemies, not lovers. It would be too awkward anyway, but when my friends and family tease me by saying that he’s my boyfriend, I laugh and blush regardless.

So that’s my story of one of my fantasies involving Grievous. I have not come up with any new stories recently, but now I feel like doing that again, be it on Wattpad or just in my mind.

In the mean time, I’m going to brainstorm a new drawing of me taking him on again, and from now on whenever I listen to Carolus Rex by Sabaton, I’m going to think of him, thanks to this awesome tribute:


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