Dedications Gone Wrong

New bands these days are often making songs and naming themselves after things they’re passionate about. I admire their dedication, but once I hear their music, I realize that the song itself is just terrible in many ways.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

I like how this band name themselves after the famous Covenant assault Carrier commanded by the legendary Rtas ‘Vadum, how their next album is called Primordial, and this single is called “The Didact’s Will”

When someone shared this on the Halo Archive forum, I looked at the video thinking “Wow I hope this has an epic sound for it to center around the parts of the Halo lore that are important to me” but unfortunately….it didn’t.

I was expecting a heavy metal sound with some heavy but melodic riffs and clear or distorted vocals (but not too distorted and not too much screaming) from a genre like, Viking metal, power metal, progressive metal, or thrash metal. Those are the genres I thought would be perfect to be a song about the Ur-Didact. If I was in a band, that’s what I would have wanted it to be. I could just see a really cool metal song dedicated to my favourite Halo character.

So I listened, but instead I got loud riffs that sounded messy and with no memorable sound to them. I really love the guitar solos from V by Iced Earth and Carolus Rex by Sabaton. Their melody and riffs are amzing, but this looks really messed up, and possibly ripped off from somewhere original.

The vocals are a problem too. I have no issues with screaming vocals, but to a certain limit. If it becomes too distorted and loud, then I can’t understand the lyrics. I like to hear the lyrics. Bands like GWAR and Slipknot, both Corey Taylor and Oderus Urungus scream, but they are also capable of singing. Remember Slipknot’s ballad Snuff? As for GWAR, Oderus’s voice is quite distorted but to some extent that it doesn’t sound like just grunts and growls, I can understand the lyrics in a GWAR song.

But when I listened, the vocals were nothing but deep and high pitched screaming that all I could hear was distorted grunts and growls, that I had to look up the lyrics to understand what they were saying. The lyrics were definitely what I hoped they would be, full of references to the Didact’s past, I heard mentions of the Master Builder, the Composer, Prometheans, Cryptum, and at the end it was supposed to be “I am the Didact and this is my will”

Unfortunately, those lyrics would have sounded much better if they were being sang than screamed.

A song dedicated to the Didact could have been so much more, something with more sound to it. For instance the song Army of Dolls by Delain makes me think of the Didact.

So this dedication this band has done is a fail in my opinion. Should have been something a lot better if it wanted to be something for the Didact to fit the good stuff in my books.

C’mon, you can do better than that. I wish bands today if they are influenced by bands like Metallica, instead of ripping off riffs, screaming, and making everything sound so loud and messy, try to make things more melodic, but heavy also, I frankly find metalcore to be ruining heavy metal these days.


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