Today in KISStory (again!)

Today is August 12th, and you know what happened last year on this very day?

That’s right, I saw KISS a second time! I feel like every time I see them, it just keeps getting better. I was a wee bit closer last time, I wore a full costume, and sang almost every song on the setlist. Nearly lost my voice!

I miss them greatly and I still keep in the know of what they’re up to. Gene’s doing the usual, so is Paul, and I’m not sure what Eric and Tommy are doing when not touring with the band. (if anyone leaves comments, don’t you DARE say that Eric and Tommy are getting sued or anything to do with your hatred for them, because I will delete those comments faster than you can say, “guitar” or “drums”)

I don’t know if they’re going to be coming back this year. So far it looks like they’re doing a European tour as part of their 40-year anniversary or in a period of time off. That’s the time when Gene starts to come up with more ways to make money! But the Kruise is coming up again, it’s on my bucket list; but I hate how it has to be in October, I can’t drop everything and go because I’m going back to school in a month.

But a girl can dream right?

Maybe if I’m lucky enough, KISS will do another tour, and they never forget to drop by Toronto when they tour NA, and I’ll see them again for a third time. It feels like ages since I’ve written about them now that you know that there’s more to my life than just them, Lordi, Ghost and all the other bands I love!


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