GWAR Slave: You are Not a Violent Person

I haven’t made these entries in a while, but I think it’s time to make another one. This time the band is GWAR, and I think I’ve been a fan of them long enough to tell you what it’s like.

I used to hate them, until I learned that underneath their negativity and violence, they aren’t as bad as you think they are.

Sometimes you end up liking the music, sometimes you like their sense of humor, or even both. For me it was their humor that made me start to warm up to this band first. From hilarious interviews to videos where they play Kinect and go trick or treating. It started with them on Jerry Springer and went way beyond that. Then I started checking out their music by purchasing Bloody Pit of Horror and Scumdogs of the Universe. I’d say that now GWAR is one of my anger management bands, I listen to them, and I calm down quickly. See, they’re not as bad after all!

What really sucks, and I may have mentioned this before is that I didn’t actually start listening to GWAR’s music until shortly after the death of Dave Brockie. During that time, I was just starting to warm up to him as a person, and as his character Oderus Urungus. I was told that in reality he’s a nice guy with a sense of humor, and personality is one thing that adds a good musician to my idol list.

I was eventually able to accept Blothar and the other new members of GWAR quickly, because since I’m new to the band, I’m more open.

So the one struggle with being a GWAR fan is people will perceive you as violent. But you’re not, if you’re like me, you like to play peace-maker then there’s no way someone should be able to get away with seeing you as that type of person. But since GWAR’s music is very aggressive and generally about killing something, blood, guts, sex, and sci-fi, you may be still misunderstood.

The real struggle is if you’re casual like; the type of person who goes to their concerts but doesn’t want to mosh, I strongly advise you to get balcony seats….if available or stick to the back or to the side. You’ll be safer there from being crushed; but you won’t be safe from the blood! No one is spared once it starts to spray. Don’t go in the front row unless you’re okay with getting drenched and crushed. I learned my lesson from that the hard way….nearly.

You’re likely to be labelled as an aggressive person….like with all metal bands. I ran into some people when I saw this band last December who had generally bad attitudes, and that’s not for me. If you’re a nice person, be nice. GWAR is just one of those bands that I want to listen to if I’m pissed and need to calm down.

Will I see GWAR again someday? I’d love to, but next time, I think I’ll just stick to the back or the balcony.


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