Hellbender Turbulence Week Again

Good morning people.

This week has been really busy so far. This is the second time I have gone up to the college for another orientation and to get things set up.

I’ve been in and out of community college for the past two years. When I finished my RPA program in August last year, I decided to take the rest of the year off to find work and volunteer.

Sent an application, got accepted, visited the campus a few times, boom….starting classes in a few weeks. I’m at the campus again today, as I was yesterday and I’m going back again tomorrow.

I find that the more you get to know the place, the better you’ll feel once you start the first semester of your program.

I had a lot of trouble adjusting to my full workload last year, but I intend to change that once my program starts.

So it looks like a busy week, but Saturday’ll end it off with a concert. Motley Crue & Alice Cooper at the ACC. Still need to get to know Alice more, I don’t know why I got into him sooner if he influenced KISS. This summer has been too hot to wear any of my band shirts. Also, remind me to get on iTunes tomorrow because Ghost’s new album Meloria will be out. Some fans downloaded it early on another site but I prefer to get it the right way to be supportive.

It’s been a great summer and I’m sad that it’s almost over. I feel like August went by too quickly, but there are so many memories so far. I’ll never forget meeting Peter Cullen last month and speaking of which, I got that drawing framed that he signed. It hangs next to my bed and whenever I need to feel happy again, I look at it.

One last thing, did I tell you I’m currently binge-watching another series on Netflix? This time it’s the Clone Wars. When I finish all six season I’ll post an entry containing mini-reviews of each season where I mention my favourite moments. Plus I finally found two SW characters to melt over…you know what I mean!

Well that’s it for now, I have another orientation to go to. May the force be with me.


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